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Successive Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup Results

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seeking: Past Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup Results and Scores
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Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup in China between Guangdong Province and Hong Kong SAR a traditional event, by the late well-known social activist, Hong Kong entrepreneurs, founded by Mr. Fok Ying-tung. Since 1979, held before and after the game Sunday in the annual New Year's Day was held, based home and away system, after two rounds to play, and you need extra time, and then get it to each other decisive penalty kick. Since the first 21 sessions, the game lifted the restrictions on foreign players, the players will be as long as they are when the Earth effect, has qualified to represent Hong Kong in Guangdong team or teams to play.

In the past 32 session of the match, Guangdong team won by 19 times, the Hong Kong team won 13 times.


Province, Hong Kong Cup held aimed at promoting co-operation between the two places, in the early stage had been subjected to great concern. However, the mid-nineties, the Hong Kong football in decline, widening the gap between the two teams. Earth City, plus two shrinking, so the competition declined significantly by the degree of concern, or even whether it should continue to be organized in doubt.


1979 (first session) - Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup held before the Lunar New Year, the results of the Guangdong team to a 4:1 aggregate win. Governor Sir Murray MacLehose and personally watched the match award.

1983 (fourth) - The Hong Kong team for the first time put to aid competition and governance in Canada by virtue of foreign aid when they set out goals to win 3-2 overall score.

1989 (eleventh) - the Hong Kong dollar reward 400,000 morale, resulting in the total score had the ball behind the three cases, anti-sheng 4:3, the termination of the provincial team's six-game winning streak.

1994 (16th Session) - A Chinese A League was founded, the Guangdong team for the first time sent Xu Hong, Fan Zhiyi, Su Maozhen three players from other provinces played the final defeat on penalties 8:7 large cup.

1995 (17th session) - As the Guangdong team for the first leg to aid entry of foreign aid, the audience sent a total of four foreign aid game, the Hong Kong side that is only out of three foreign aid in violation of the rules to require results to set aside, Following consultations, the provision "Note 4 3", but also to maintain the original results to.

1999 (twenty-first) - Competition lifted restrictions on the number of foreign players.

2007 (29th session) - To commemorate this special tournament co-founder of the Henry Fok, a minute of silence before the game and the player tie black gauze, first leg in particular old man who moved to the Huo Ying Dong Stadium, Panyu home . The results of Guangdong team to 1-0 victory over Hong Kong team, the results of the Hong Kong team in the second leg home after a 4-2 win after extra-time, with a total score wins 4:3 against the Guangdong team, win any of the session of the tournament title.

2007 -2,008 years (thirtieth) of this province, carried out in Hong Kong Cup is New Year's Eve. First leg (at December 30, 2007) Hong Kong Alliance With Dee Tarantino scored twice, and Maxwell's goals, Guangdong, 3-0 victory. Return leg on January 6, 2008 in Foshan City, Shijilian Sports Center, which is home on the Guangdong team for the first time outside of Guangzhou City, the results of the Hong Kong Alliance in order to Ida the only one in the audience the ball into the ball, Sheng Guangdong, 1-0. Two round total of Guangdong, Hong Kong Alliance in order to win by 4-0 team won the championship.

2009 (31st session) - In the occasion of the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, in Guangdong Province Football Association's efforts, the composition of the Hong Kong territory-wide class football team. First leg (at the 2008 New Year's Day) in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong 3 cup again, then set sail back to land of special historic significance. In order to ensure genuine Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup, the Football Association in Guangdong Province will be sent to the success of just Chongjia Guangdong Sunray Cave, 3:1 to win the Asian Cup against expedition. Return leg on January 4, 2009 was held, resulting in 90 minutes, the two sides battle into 3 to 1, with a total score is 4 to 4. Later, in overtime, the Hong Kong team with a mind Tuishe Liang Zhenbang break for Hong Kong to obtain a total score of the lead as the third consecutive won the Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup.

Team won championship number of times the number of years

Guangdong team won 19 times in 1979, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995 , 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2010

Hong Kong team 12 times in 1980, 1982, 1989, 1990, 1993, 2000, 2001, 2002 , 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009

previous Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup Results

session of the second end of the year of home away two round total score a penalty shoot-Duobei Team

011,979 1:0 3:1 4:1 Guangdong

021.98 thousand 0:0 0:1 0:1 Hong Kong

031,981 0:0 1:0 1:0 Guangdong

041,982 1:2 1:1 2:3 Hong Kong

051,983 1:1 0:0 1:1 4:3 Guangdong

061,984 1:0 0:0 1:0 Guangdong

071,985 2:1 1:0 3:1 Guangdong

081,986 2:1 1: 0 3:1 Guangdong

091,987 1:0 0:1 1:1 4:3 Guangdong

101,988 0:0 3:0 3:0 Guangdong

111,989 1:0 2:4 3:4 Hong Kong

121.99 thousand 0:2 1:0 1:2 Hong Kong

131,991 4:0 2:1 6:1 Guangdong

141,992 1:0 2:1 3:1 Guangdong

151,993 0:1 1 : 1 1:2 Hong Kong

161,994 3:1 0:2 3:3 5:4 Guangdong

171,995 2:0 2:0 4:0 Guangdong

181,996 4:1 4:0 8:1 Guangdong

191,997 3:0 1:2 4:2 Guangdong

201,998 1:0 1:1 2:1 Guangdong

211,999 1:0 1:1 2:1 Guangdong

22 2000 1:1 0:1 1:2 Hong Kong

232,001 2:2 0:1 2:3 Guangdong

24 2002 1:0 1:3 2:3 Hong Kong

25 2003 2:0 2:1 4:1 Guangdong

26 2004 0:0 1:2 1:2 Hong Kong

27 2005 0:2 2:2 2:4 Hong Kong

28 2006 2:0 0:1 2:1 Guangdong

29 2007 0:1 4: 2 4:3 Hong Kong

30 2008 1:0 3:0 4:0 Hong Kong

31 2009 4:1 1:3 5:4 Hong Kong

322.01 thousand 2:0 1:2 3:2 Guangdong

Past Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup goals for the 1st team

: Provincial Team: Au Wai-ting (2 goals), Jia, Gu Guangming; Hong Kong team: Fung Chi Ming.

The 2nd: Hong Kong team: Dennis industry.

Of the 3rd: Provincial Team: Xi Chen Rong.

Of the 4th: Hong Kong team: Richmond (2 balls), Di Zhuang; provincial team: Wanghui Liang, Yu-Hua Wu.

The 5th: Provincial team: Wang Huiliang; Hong Kong team: Xu An, penalty Guangdong team wins 4 to 3.

6 th: Provincial Team: Zhao Dayu.

The 7th: Provincial Team: Wang Huiliang (3 goals); Hong Kong team: Huang An.

The 8th: Provincial Team: Guo Yijun, Zhi-Xiong Xie, Zhao Dayu; Hong Kong team: Mr Raymond Lai Wing.

The 9th: Provincial Team: Hai-yin; Hong Kong team: Babei Li, penalties Guangdong team wins 4 to 3.

The 10th provincial team: Wang Huiliang, Wu Qun Li, Hai-yin.

The 11th Hong Kong team: LAW Chi Wai, Chen Fa-chi, Zhi-De Zhang, Babei Li; provincial team: Guo Yijun, Wu Qun Li.

Of the 12th Hong Kong team: Babei Li (2 goals); provincial team: Guo Yijun.

Of the 13th provincial team: Xie Yuxin (4 balls), Mai Chao (2 goals); Hong Kong team: Santos.

Of the 14th provincial team: Xie Yuxin (2 goals), Chao-Yang Li; Hong Kong team: Lee Kin-wo.

The 15th Hong Kong team: Kia, Tam Siu-wai; provincial team: Li Yong.

Of the 16th provincial team: Mai Chao, Fan Zhiyi, Xu Hong; Hong Kong team: Lee Kin-wo, Kia, Chen Qiang, a penalty Guangdong team 5 to 4 victory.

The 17th provincial team: Fan Zhiyi (2 goals), Wang Tao, Peng Weiguo.

The 18th provincial team: Li Bing (3 goals), Xie Yuxin (2 goals), Ma Mingyu, Peng Weiguo, Chi-ming, China; Hong Kong team: WONG Wai Tak.

The 19th provincial team: Li Bing, Hu Zhijun, Ma Mingyu, Peng Chang-Ying; Hong Kong team: Wei Jun Long, Babei Li.

The 20th provincial team: Chao-Yang Li, Hu Zhijun; Hong Kong team: Mrs. Roberts.

No. 21 th provincial team: Amy Tan and Germany, Yao Debiao; Hong Kong team: Al Gore.

The 22nd Hong Kong team: Shirley (2 goals); provincial team: Zhang Ruiwen.

No. 23 Session of the Hong Kong team: High-Nepal Road (2 goals), Collins: Provincial Team: Peng Weiguo, Li

of the 24th Hong Kong team: foreign aid (3 goals); provincial team: Zhi-Bin Ye.

The 25th provincial team: Wang Peng, ZOU Jie, Li (2 goals); Hong Kong team: Kim Pan-kun.

The 26th Hong Kong team: Luo Zhenbang, Samuel Poon Cheuk; provincial team: Wong Che-ngai.

At the 27th Hong Kong team: Au Wai Lun (2 goals), Luo Zhenbang, Jiang Shihao; provincial team: Huang Fengtao, LU Lin.

In the 28th Hong Kong team: Samuel Poon Cheuk; provincial team: Zhi-Hai Li, Wen Xiao-Ming.

Of the 29th provincial team: Fengjun Yan, Zhi-Hai Li, Lai Chi-sing. Guangdong, the top players mistakenly ball into their net nest. The Hong Kong team: Shen Guoqiang, Chen Zhao Qi (2 goals)

No. 30 Session of the Hong Kong team: Di-day slaves (2 goals), Maxwell, Ida

No. 31 Session of the provincial team: Shi Liang (2 goals), Chao Huang, Yin Bo. Hong Kong team: Chen Zhao Qi (2 goals), Lee William, Xu Shuai, Liangzhen Bang

The 32nd Hong Kong team: Asia Khufu, Asia and the ancient sand provincial team: Yin Bo, Li Jian (2 balls)



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