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History of Uruguay, a player Folangxisi Collie

you and me 20 years of war2010-01-17 02:01:59 +0000 #1

Folangxisi Uruguay. There is no information on the players.

The main needs of the English name
Bar Kit2010-01-17 02:15:53 +0000 #2
Enzo Francescoli

Baidu can be found on

Francis Collie "Uruguay Prince"

Full Name: Enzo Francescoli Enzo Francescoli

Birthday: November 12, 1961

Place of Birth:

height of the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo City 1.81 meters and weighing 73 kg

Role: either the post of Secretary for halfback, but also any winger

1978 Uruguay joined Rangers Club.

Joined Argentina's River Plate in 1983 for the then-record flat riverbed team to bring glory.

1984, won the Argentine league

to obtain the American League's top scorer and best player title.

1985, won the national league top scorer

reelected in 1986 and won the Toyota Cup South American Libertadores Cup Champion

1986 years to the effectiveness of St Germain in Paris, France

1987 to

1989 French Matra Club years and joined Marseille, France won the 90-year league title

1990 to Cagliari, Italy joined the Turin team


1994 team returned to River Plate "old prince" to help River Plate 2 wins league title.

1996 years and the South American Libertadores Cup champion, in the Toyota Cup, in a ball of small negative Juventus failed to win the title.

As long as you can think of football skills, Francis Collie will surely be owned, he had no weaknesses. And Francescoli amazing creativity, he could size up the situation in the stadium will be a variety of technical improvisation together to give audiences a sense of unexpected pleasure. Francescoli outstanding football talent, looks delicate and pretty, with the generals in the field grace, effortless is the team to organize and direct attack on the core of EU members. At the foot of technology, exquisite, graceful movements effective, header excellent kick power and accuracy of the feet is superb, a very small space can make a move, breaking the opponents, or passing the ball. Energetic, bursting with confidence, is Uruguay and River Plate team captain. Francescoli took part in 1986, 1990, two World Cup

Francis Collie helped Uruguay won the 1980 South American Youth Championship,

1983, 1987, 1995, the American Football Championship to 1989 the American Football Championship runner-up to 1995, he was named as the best athlete of the Americas Cup.

As the entire Uruguayan football in decline, the overall strength of weak players, so Francescoli a person is unable to turn things around, Uruguay failed to achieve in 1994, 1998 World Cup finals tickets, so that people lose a witness, "Prince" style a good opportunity. In 1997, the 34-year-old "old age" Francis Collie played for River Plate, and outstanding performance to make River Plate league lead all the way in Argentina. No traces Tianya Francis Collie decided to end his football career in South America, so he was two seasons ago back to Argentina's River Plate. He has announced that it will retire at age 35, the result is the 35-year-old this year, he helped River Plate won the 1996 Copa Libertadores. So far, Francis Collie is still active in the pitch, but also seem to getting better every day. Some experts predicted that he could become South America, Matthews. (Translator's Note: over the age of Pentecost, when Matthews was still playing varsity B race).

Zidane's idol

Zidane admitted that his idol was once played for Marseille in Uruguay "Prince" Enzo - Francescoli. He used his son's name to his own eldest son, named with his name for his second son named after. He had been in a game for the caddy Francis Collie, it was a close contact with them.



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