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Will :2009-2010 season, Inter Milan player's nickname

Trotters crying2010-03-17 11:11:04 +0000 #1
this, it is quite embarrassing, and like football is a matter for a long time, but not yet put into action a long time.

Like Inter Milan, come inside to see discussion player, but I do not know which is which, so made this post for help, hoping to know the player's nickname.

Thank you. .
nihaowoshijian2010-03-17 11:14:42 +0000 #2
Cesar posted a general bar where people would say that St. Cypriot ...

Balotelli They're calling for light ..

Muntari Africa or Mengniu

Tony Leung Zanetti Sa

Marcus Camby team walks eye Timor Timor Rock


Samuel Adams .... Sneijder small because it looks similar to the Francis

Milito Collie and the former in a long time ago to be the same the title of "Prince" in a foreign country is also a bar where the nickname paste called "Toto" in quite a few


Maicon Chivu is that someone will call for the wheat

Thornton was also a direct straight Big 39

Materazzi Ma

Eto'o mouth Brother
interphalangeal faint smoke2010-03-17 11:40:43 +0000 #3
Super Mario Balotelli Mengniu

Muntari Cambiasso Zanetti Sa Marcus Camby team

Samuel Rock

Milito Prince

Sneijder Housewives

Pandev Panda

Eto'o cheetah Dejan Stankovic great

Moratti Mourinho magic birds, Madman

within the pull-group where you are welcome



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