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Hertha BSC Berlin how this season have suddenly become so weak?

Magic Angel Heart2010-03-17 12:10:03 +0000 #1
I feel that previous strong ah

how his predecessors, is now the last one
My Daimyo what is2010-03-17 12:17:23 +0000 #2
in fact can not be regarded Bundesliga Hertha traditionally strong teams in recent years, that is, last season, played better this season so low mainly because of the summer transfer period of the freeing of Panteliqi and Voronin and other big players and the failure to make timely reinforcement, and fired the general manager and coach of France forges Hernes so that the team faced with reforming; the other reason is that last season's good fortune gone, a lot of games last season, Getafe are relying on personal capacity Voronin and other big plus Drobni the brave fighting a victory over the ball But luck will not last long, so this season, just before the half Herta won a surprise. However, the introduction of the winter break Herta Willy Shih Gekas and cobia and other stars, the next half-League has been signs of recovery, in the current round before a loss to Werder Bremen wins two levels.



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