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Who knows the World Cup in South Africa dedicated the ball cost?

e2865981412010-03-17 13:11:58 +0000 #1
Who knew the World Cup in South Africa dedicated the ball cost?
You are Gongsui women commit2010-03-17 13:20:54 +0000 #2
South Africa's official World Cup ball to celebrate the present and in the mainland market have not started selling, so the price is only U.S. dollars, the price is $ 149.99, equivalent to around 1,000 yuan.

2010 South Africa World Cup official game ball "JABULANI" developed using the new Adidas "Grip'n'Groove" sphere, making the sphere in any weather conditions, always maintain a stable flight path, thus greatly enhance the control of the football players. "JABULANI" breakthrough only by the eight composed of epidermis, Adidas was first introduced the method of spherical mold so that each one had to achieve three-dimensional structure of skin and then stitching the completion of thermal bonding techniques, so that the new ball than in the past is more round, to run more precise.

As the first 11 Adidas World Cup ball, "JABULANI" used in the design of 11 different colors. 11 kinds of colors also represent each football team composed of 11 players, while tribal implication South Africa has 11 official languages and 11.
11572287362010-03-17 13:42:40 +0000 #3
South Africa World Cup ball will be in this weekend's World Cup group posted on the draw, but the British "Sun" Yesterday in advance to light the true colors of this ball: it's name is "Jabulani", from South Africa Zulu, which means "to celebrate," is full of rich in the overall design style of the South African tribes.

South Africa FIFA World Cup official ball from Adidas designed the main sponsor. This is the history of the alleged "best round of the football," adopted the "tight grooves pressure suction line technology" high sharp precision technology, so that the ball has a superior stability of the flight path and in any weather conditions, the perfect stability. The ball used in the history of most of the 11 different colors, on behalf of the team's 11 players to represent South Africa's 11 official languages of the country.

South Africa's World Cup theme song has baked the song "flag flying ( 'Wavin' Flag)", by the Somali-born Canadian singer Conan creative and performing. Lyrics that glorify freedom, equality and love, and with a strong African flavor.

The official price of about € 100 official selling prices of approximately € 100
memories of designated not open2010-03-17 13:45:08 +0000 #4
large Adi flagship store on sale bar, as if names is a 1080 coin



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