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Chinese football players playing abroad, where there were a few people?

Zorro SHE2010-03-24 06:10:27 +0000 #1

crushed to death Do not look back2010-03-24 06:15:19 +0000 #2

Hao Junmin second division Bundesliga Schalke 04 Energie Cottbus

Shao Zheng Celtic

at Tai Po Mafra Portugal B team (the Portuguese title Ultra-Benfica)

Chang-dong was the Portuguese B Mafra Portugal A Team

Gang Dong 波兰莱吉亚 Beiramar Team

Li Weifeng Feng Xiaoting South Korea Suwon Samsung Jeonbuk Hyundai

Bing Changbao Grubbs Brazil, Boa Vista

ocean color Rouge Team


Another Metz, France: France Metz there are a number of small players in China, where not only the 11 listed in the list has been signed.

Leilei in ultra-fun end of the season, at present, leaving the team, no team in the state

Zhou Haibin team is currently in no state

10000 Houliang team is currently in no state, said South Korea will join a club from Australia

JIANG Chen Chao the current situation is not known

Jiang Ning, Zhao Xuri had heard rumors of joining foreign teams
137292111650002010-03-24 06:46:30 +0000 #3
Sun Xiang, Zheng Zhi, Shao Jiayi. In this trio
constnt1ne2010-03-24 06:21:17 +0000 #4
Zhou Haibin Zheng Celtic Dutch Eindhoven

Shao Jiayi second division Energie Cottbus

at Tai Po, Zhang Chengdong Mafra Portugal B Team

Dong 波兰莱吉亚

Hao Junmin Bundesliga Schalke 04

Feng Xiaoting South Korea Jeonbuk Hyundai

Li Weifeng Suwon Samsung

Gao Lei Leifen A Gudi Bi

Wang Gang, Wang Yang, Bruges, Belgium, Portugal A Beiramar Team



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