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* Jack-Jack2010-03-24 06:10:40 +0000 #1
Heard Kunitari vs South Korea 3 to 0?
fantasy field2010-03-24 06:23:15 +0000 #2
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Beijing February 10 18: 15, in Tokyo, Japan, Chinese expedition 东亚四强赛 men's football at the Ajinomoto Stadium to face the tournament's second rival South Korea. Section 4 first half minutes, Qu Bo in the sea then headed pass a head start. The first 26 minutes, South Korea defender Guo Tai-fai siege mistakes, Yang Hao steal after the pass from Gao Lin, who single-handedly break to attend the meeting. Deng Zhuo Xiang Lian second half to seal the victory over three meritorious. The end of the Chinese Team 3 to 0 victory over South Korea, breaking the 32 years of international A-match record of numerous South Korea. 3 to 0 is also a team battle in the history of China and South Korea's largest sub-differential.

In the public opinion is not being optimistic circumstances, the Chinese team in the opening match in the draw against Japan, the farm also missed a penalty opportunity to regret Yang Hao complex; South Korea is a 5-0 opening game victory over Hong Kong, China. Since 1978, Asian Games, the Chinese team with 27 South Korean war record of 16 negative 11 level, "Kong Han" has 32 years. This battle Gao Hongbo and Kunitari players have declared it would take full Zheng-sheng. South Korea squad for this year's tournament played in national leagues and the Japanese League players mainly Park Ji-sung, Lee Young-pyo, Park Chu-young Lee Dragon and the effectiveness of such famous European leagues did not return.

Opening the rapid formation of post-close confrontation between the two sides, positive pressure before the Chinese team in the first four minutes to score an early harvest - Qu Bo in the right-wing opponents blocked the pass, the ball rebounded, he also formed at the end of the next breakthrough opportunities, Qu Bo ago inserted after the re-transmission in the placement of accurate, tossed in the sea close follow-up in place broke South Korea's goal horn, no response to South Korean goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae (Click to watch goals video), the Chinese team 1-0 ahead. 7 minutes, Kim Jung-woo foot long-range anti-aircraft guns to complete this battle of the Korean team for the first time center of the box. After 1 minute, Kim Doo-hyun left turn center of the box blocked by Zhang Lin Peng, missed the bottom line. Corner in resolving the opponent attacks, the Chinese team on both sides of road continuously instigated offensive Ronghao Xiadichuanzhong left out of restricted areas have been destroyed South Korea's defense, he missed long-range Yang Hao vigorously.

After a period before the formation of the Korean team games continuous control, and repeatedly pass the ball to form, the Chinese team in the backcourt Feng Xiaoting, Dewey placement of continuous control. The first 15 minutes, the left side of the re-transmission in South Korea, Lee Geun-ho headed the top side. South Korea has also been the impact of unexpected injury, while defender Li Zhengxiu Park Joo-ho was replaced because of injury. The first 19 minutes, a sustained attack on South Korea's Lee Geun-ho by the endo in the left-wing long-range, the Chinese goalkeeper Yang Zhi Wang Body ball saved (click watch related video). South Korea's incoming right-wing foul ball later, Lee Seung-Di She Lieqie he missed a small angle into the restricted area. The first 22 minutes, South Korea sent Xiechuan right-wing, Li Cheng-Lie nodded the ball center of the box before the top side. The Chinese team completely on the defensive at this stage, South Korea and even the continued activities of four players in the Chinese team offense inside the restricted area to wait for the opportunity.

The first 26 minutes, midfielder Zhao Xuri steal extraordinary row after breakthrough, Kim Jung-woo received intentional foul yellow card, Deng Zhuo Xiang nodded a free kick straight into the arms of Lee Woon-Jae. 1 minute to score again after the Chinese team - South Korea defender Guo Tai Hui Kai Feet siege mistakes, Yang Hao De Qiuhou accurately assigned to the restricted area restricted area on the left before the interval, Gao Lin Li Yun face of abandoning the door in the small angle of attack cool break (Click to watch goals video), the Chinese team 2-0 ahead. Chinese team's morale high, and a moment later with a continuous infiltration of offside, but was convicted after Deng Zhuo Xiang still center of the box and picked up a yellow card. South Korea is affecting the morale, offensive momentum has clearly weakened, the Chinese team's defensive posture to counter the formation of see-saw with the opponent.

The first 35 minutes, midfielder Qu Bo pick the ball extraordinary, there yellow card in the body of Kim Jung-woo deliberate handball interception, but the referee ignored, put the Korean team a horse. 41 minutes, the Chinese team back in shape again kill the offensive - Yang Hao Zhao Xuri backcourt De Qiuhou pass, which then pass from the left side of forward runs slack, Gao Lin ball into the South Korean closed, but in the face Lee Woon-jae's Di She was blocking, although the ball rebounded back to the foot of Gao Lin, Gao Lin had response times less than the ball Chuledixian (Click to view related video).

Easy side after the South Korean team, with an exchange would have been seeking to strengthen the impact of the Chinese team continues to maintain its role as counter-routine, continuous sidewalks to defuse the Korean team in several offensive. The first 50 minutes, South Korea Lee Seong-Ruan replacement front will be issued after the left-wing forces within the cut shot, but missed the ball hit the bottom line, after their own team-mate, the first 56 minutes, the Chinese team has once again pose a threat to counter the offensive, Zhao Xuri ball spread to South Korea closed the left side of gap, the sea seems like fire swept pass in front of Gao Lin and Deng Zhuo Xiang 2:00 outflank both will be missing the opportunity to play Buddhism.

The first 60 minutes, the Chinese team played brilliant counter-offensive - to resolve the Korean team in the post-field campaign, the Qu Bo quick ball forward runs counter instigation, Deng Zhuo Xiang De Qiuhou exciting breakthroughs, extraordinary row after the killing to the restricted area Road, a cool foot ball center of the box to bypass the hard efforts of the arc of Lee Woon-jae will be the ball into the goal horn (Click to watch goals video), the Chinese team 3-0 ahead. The face of Deng Zhuoxiang this very exciting goal is to mention gas, South Korea goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae generation of exploits have been a very significant expression of despair. The first 62 minutes, Zhao Xuri foul tipped Xinjiong Min before the closed area and picked up yellow cards, South Korea kick center of the box wall by the Chinese team he denied.

The first 66 minutes, South Korea has repeatedly hit the final formation of the opportunity to attack the face of Kim Jung-woo of Yang Zhi foot jump the gun attack Buddhism, on the ball completely crossing the line an instant, Rong Hao siege in time, the ball hit the crossbar after the next pop-up along (Click to view related video). 3 minutes Lu Bing Jun perimeter shot fell to the ground and then closed out by Yang Zhi. 74 minutes, Lee hit a free kick flying center of the box. After a period the impact of the Chinese team Korean team closed a row, the Chinese team defense active defense efforts to defuse an opponent's attacking threat.

The first 81 minutes, the Korean team into the right-wing Xiechuan restricted the right of the Chinese team, Lu Bing Jun Yang Zhi small-angle volley was closed out, the ball rebounded to restricted areas on the last point again after the Korean team volley, Yang Zhi rapid response of the ball he denied (Click to view related video). South Korea and another external center of the box in place anti-aircraft guns. South Korean players also significantly irritable mood, Lu Bing Jun Feng Xiaoting a successful defense in the post have been superfluous action, South Korea has also appeared in Throw-offenders. The first 86 minutes, Lee Dong-gook on the left side of small-angle shot hit the net. The first 90 minutes, South Korea Road blocked outside the peripheral long-range penetration of the high re-play. Eventually the Chinese team 3-0 triumph.

Chinese team played lineup: 22 - Yang Zhi; 20 - Rong Hao, 2 - Dewey, 4 - Feng Xiaoting, 45 - Zhang Lin Peng; 15 - Hao Yang, 39 - Zhao Xuri (71 minutes, 42 - Yan Feng); 21 -- at sea, 8 - Deng Zhuo Xiang (87 minutes, 5 - Zhao Peng), 11 - Qu Bo; 17 - Gao Lin (64 minutes, 19 - Jiang Ning)

South Korean team played lineup: 1 - Lee Woon-jae; 2 - Min Jiang Shou , 5 - Guo Tai-fai, 4 - Cho Yong-Heng, Li Zhengxiu (15 minutes, 14 - Park Joo-ho); 10 - Kim Doo-hyun (62 minutes, 22 - Lu Bing Jun), 8 - Kim Jung-woo, 6 - Li Cheng-Lie, 19 - Xinjiong Min; 20 - Lee Dong-gook, 11 - Lee Geun-ho (46 minutes, 9 - Lee Seong-Ruan)
plump best Haizhu2010-03-24 06:36:19 +0000 #3
indeed the case, following 32 years after the last match at the national A-class victory over South Korea /



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