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Kunitari 3-0 win over South Korea, how we look at ah

Pinghu2010-03-24 08:10:15 +0000 #1
BEIJING, February 10 evening 18:15 Xinhua, the Chinese men's soccer team welcomed 东亚四强赛 second match with South Korea, by virtue of the Yu Hai, Gao Lin and Deng Zhuo Xiang's goal, Kunitari 3-0 South Korea, so that continuing for 32 years, "Gong Han Jeung" become history.

Game just four minutes after the start of the Chinese team took the lead in breaking the deadlock in the floor. Qu Bo Xiadizhuanzhong is time, in a timely follow-up header to break the sea, in order to Kunitari a head start for the Chinese team got a fantastic start. Then both sides have offensive and defensive game, the Korean team played more active once the first 19 minutes opponent's long-range Yang Zhifei body was saved, 3 minutes after the rival small-angle shot, although the misses but also quite a threat.

The first 27 minutes, despite drastic changes in pitch. South Korea defender Guo Tai Hui Kai Feet siege mistakes, Yang Hao restricted area before the ball to the left of the post-sub-Gao Lin, who abandoned the face of the door out of Lee Woon-Jae calm break, will rewrite the score 2-0. The first 41 minutes and then seek Kunitari Murder, Gao Lin then broke into the restricted area pass from teammate Lee Woon-jae in the face by his opponent hit the shot out, although the ball rebounded to his feet but less than reaction, the ball has been times Chudi Xian.

Both ex situ and then after the war both sides have offensive and defensive, the first 59 minutes Kunitari played wonderful counter-attack. Qu Bo backcourt is a high speed when suddenly the ball into the former field and Deng had a tie in two Zhuo Xiang, Deng Zhuo Xiang broke into the restricted area go past three South Korean defender in the face Lee Woon-Jae calm Shishe score, will pitch for the 3-0 score to rewrite . Although the defeat has been set, but the Korean team did not give up offensive, the first 66 minutes South Korean team won a free kick before the market opportunities resulting from Kunitari ball out in front of the melee, the South Korea team took the opportunity to Tongshe ball over goalkeeper Yang Zhi, nick of time when , Rong Hao back line of defense to the restricted area will be destroyed, after the fly ball hit the crossbar preserve the gates lose.

The next game, both sides there are some offensive opportunities, but no longer claim the credit score, 3-0 maintained to the end of the game. With the referee whistle sound effect, began in 1978 Bangkok Asian Games, which lasted 32 years, "Gong Han Jeung", has finally become a historical term.

New 4-Jun2010-03-24 08:21:53 +0000 #2
really did not expect that the Chinese team, under such an extreme difficulties in the Danian is near to the people a little bitter with the sweet taste of humor ----- not even miracles, this can not be not let those hard fans wait for a victory was a modicum of comfort. I believe there are many loyal fans will shed tears for this.

Not want to be belated. But, every Korean victorious Chinese team should be the end of the history of Gao Hongbo Zhezhi underdog victory. Them all over again the idea for the Chinese team bunch of new people have no baggage of history, because it is their predecessors to create history, has nothing to do with their own. This is a psychological victory.

When everyone is right, when you do not hopeful, and sometimes contrary, it will inspire the morale of its own proud, is the so-called underdog win, or the home of the resurrection. This is a Chinese team to win the Korean team was a factor.

History is created, the record is used to break. South Korea is not understand this truth is now in the hearts of the Chinese team's weight, but arrogance is equivalent to the Chinese team in China's Hong Kong team. Was not aware that sometimes can replace part of the whole, but most of the time there is no way a substitute. South Korean team for their arrogance and paid the price, one above a Japanese team. This is one reason why the Korean team lose, but also another reason why the Chinese team winning. Chinese football fans are now from the support of public opinion pressures, social concerns and its own in terms of the ranks of four, is the lowest point for nearly 30 years, really can be described as a dead end. Last night, almost no attention to the case, this underdog wins! The Chinese team before the game had not expected to be able to win or tie opponents. However, just as Thai women's volleyball team defeated the Chinese women's volleyball team can be lucky enough time, if the two teams fight another day, if the two marked with five games, I do not optimistic about the Chinese team, the overall strength of a gap. Bloody, fighting spirit and body, some only short-term incentives. With a simple blood-yong of the gas, is not supported for too long. I hope this unit blood gas will not dissipate in the next game.

Passion After the cold reality or as cruel and sad. This is sad, not only because of Chinese football environment sorrow, sorrow to the Chinese New Year, with CCTV have been forced to ban Chinese football, lest to the National People's Tiandu deeper sorrow, I am afraid that the expedition team Dongying somewhat feel insecure - do not know After returning, professional league can normally do not know whether the club can legally exist, do not even know their own future fate. With a U.S. prison jargon, Gao Hongbo is a dead man walking (walking on death row). Dewey is some great general Li Fan year hegemony of the spirit of the ball, but Jun Zhu will put the third under his reserve, remains to be seen. The new Interim Head Football Neve does not exclude the first-class foreign coach, he could not come from nowhere other than a statement regarding teaching. Some people say 东亚四强赛, Gao Hongbo will be the last opportunity for redemption, at least two events has been commendable. Backward to see if he can redeem to what extent?
jili711_jp93x2010-03-24 08:25:30 +0000 #3
South Korea is not the real strength of it, the World Cup on South Korea's Warring States certainly focused on this game,

how could easily be exposed to our own strength, ah, just training and training Lineup.
FY Football2010-03-24 09:21:25 +0000 #4
I feel it is obvious underdog win South Korea did not looked down on us



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