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Away goals the system is fair, whether the abolition of

the Bavarian Army2010-03-24 08:11:56 +0000 #1

blind from a broken, right2010-03-24 08:27:26 +0000 #2
away goals for the system is not fair, the original goal set up the system away, in fact, to encourage the visiting team take the initiative to attack, it is customary like the visiting team on the defensive end, and then a matter of fact, once the visiting team in achieving goals away (for example, lead or a tie, but not for the backward case), often retraction defense, and for the home team, the visiting team has an away goal, if the again an away goal, it is difficult in the second round had overturned. This goal tied the attack of the opposite system.

Cancellation may be small, there is an away goal advantage of the system is to avoid the extra time or penalties. For the televised benefit for the players while also reducing fatigue.



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