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CCAV5 in the end also will turn no turn Kunitari next game ah?

Blue front ★ renaissance2010-03-24 15:11:31 +0000 #1

dogg_K2010-03-24 15:16:00 +0000 #2
Kunitari victory over South Korea, the most depressed CCTV should be considered, and the absence of live games, CCTV has been a mockery of numerous netizens. In the absence of an official explanation, the outside world is difficult to know why the shield 东亚四强赛 CCTV, but missed such an important historic moment, at least for the CCTV's sports channel, is the one great regret. Yesterday, CCTV began a series of remedial actions, dynamic and static is not small.

Following the day before yesterday night news channels right Kunitari g Korea conducted a brief news report about yesterday afternoon, after aloof from the sports channel and finally broke his silence on the Kunitari the landmark events of the report, but reported only lasted for 5 seconds, there is no picture.

Host the first broadcast that the Chinese women's football competition in the 东亚四强赛 results, probably took 10 seconds. Women's Results after the broadcast finished, the screen suddenly converted to CBA games scene. Just when everyone thought that CCTV in turn shielded Chinese soccer team, the screen re-conversion, became a symbol of China Team, the host once again spoke up: "East Asian Football Championship game the other is China's soccer team 3 to 0 defeated the South Korean team. "It's news to this screeching halt.

However, it is unexpected is that, in the evening "News Network" program, actually gave the Kunitari victory over South Korea's 11 seconds of time, and the Chinese team had three goals playback, enough to prove that this news attention. Subsequently, the "Oriental Horizon" also "break the nightmare" in the title reported in this victory, and the victory of the causes and the prospects for Chinese football is analyzed.

However, with the news channel of the "great," reported The difference is that CCTV sports channel to this message always timid, seems to be hiding something. In the evening's "Football Night" program, host Jianhong come up with five minutes to talk about the Kunitari the match against South Korea, but no picture.

Latest news said that New Year's Day, Kunitari at the current 东亚四强赛 final match against Hong Kong, China, has been included in the CCTV's live program.
loveruby5212010-03-24 15:25:28 +0000 #3
does not change the
MYSOLSKJEAR2010-03-24 15:59:06 +0000 #4
does not turn, which is the central authorities issued an order



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