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A purchase of four coaches who Guo Zihao Villa

wind Shen Zhou2010-03-24 17:10:53 +0000 #1

I Liwei 8782010-03-24 17:18:32 +0000 #2
under the influence of the financial crisis, China's real estate is still a blip, buy a house has become the first choice of many investors . In related news, a Guo Zihao coach in 2007, when a city on the northern outskirts of the newly developed real estate projects, reposition itself in the generous, one-time purchase of the four townhouses Moreover, when the average price of flats has reached 8,000 per square meter yuan.

At that time, this Guozi Hao coaches also called a peer-to critically together to see the name of Guo Zihao coaches "swagger" after the action, he once persuaded a low profile well-intentioned act. However, this Guozi Hao coach's words still allows people to become peer aphasia: "There's no money spent because it is earned."

In addition, this Guozi Hao coaches not only purchasing high-end villas, but also also has a value of millions of BMW 7 Series car, and even hundreds of thousands of gold watches to wear really surprising.

Transport players into the Kunitari into a nouveau riche

as a coach in China, football coach, there is room a car can be considered quite normal, but, like the Guozi Hao coach, with townhouses, 1 million vehicle, but cause people to doubt his sources of income. In related news, the coach has repeatedly used his powers to transport members of the national team, and from receiving large amounts of money.

In related news, the coach of a team coach in the north, had used more than the team relationship will feed into the national team, and derive a huge commissions. Lured from the south, he insisted on sending a few power players, while filling the deep bench "thick of the thick," Today, these players is not playing, nobody is interested, after listing, only to become the club's burden.



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