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Park Ji-sung, he said, after reading games to go to super-developed, there is such a thing?

av erosion erosion av2010-03-25 06:11:40 +0000 #1
China and South Korea even after the rumors
clh12345678902010-03-25 06:14:57 +0000 #2
Park Ji-sung died,

3:0, a rich comedy of scores over China as long as 32-year-old Gong Han Jeung, but also the end of a The great players of the region's life. Just learned the news that South Korea's 0-3 loss to China in the later, Asia's first star, now plays for Manchester United's South Korean player Park Ji-sung, at 1:17 Beijing time, the United Kingdom around 17:00 local time, in Manchester attempted suicide in a private apartment. Presumed to be the initial cause of suicide, Korean Park Ji-sung, not stand by this emphasis on shame, unable to participate in the competition for their own country into disrepute 2 Ershi endless guilt.

However, according to friends introduced in the Manchester United's Park Ji-sung is actually favored long-lost last year, suffering from depression and received treatment for the British local doctors, but did not bear fruit. This time the national humiliation, it became the fuse Park suicide.

To be a suicide message, the South Korea shocked, Asia shocked the world was shocked. South Korea 2:00 p.m. local time, about 50000 or so fans gathered near the stadium in Seoul, Korea, requested the Administration to give statement. Even the fans point to this incident the Chinese team. Because the fans believe that if the Korean team lost to Japan or Brazil, Park Ji-sung will not have this impulsive behavior.

Park's lifetime friend, the State teammate Lee Young-Pyo, Kim Nam-il, Cha Du-Ri, South Korean star Jang Nara, Song Seung Heon. Japanese star Hidetoshi Nakata, actress Madoka Ozawa and others in the first issue of condolences to the families of Park electricity, and called on the families of the mind. An interview, when Hidetoshi Nakata, Nakata said that even when the elephants have come a cropper. Even Brazil is also lose experience. Do not be affected by the strength of opponents their emotions. Park Ji-sung's death in the fields of the indicated he did not understand at the same time, also expressed great sorrow.

Manchester, local police in the United Kingdom 19:00 local time, the formal involvement of the whole investigation. Currently does not rule out the possibility of Park Ji-sung has been killed.
229,555,0052010-03-25 06:16:49 +0000 #3
Park However, in Super ... Man Utd

Is it the influence of which team than Manchester United also NB?

To say, and Park's ability to much, I also more than that, even if the LZ is not a Manchester United fan should also be aware of the information point of Park bar
Demi Lemon2010-03-25 06:24:30 +0000 #4
Bu Zhiyu to the point, right? ? ?

PARK gone well at Manchester United a good, performance is not bad. May be angry with the stick, then bar!
Fengan_20082010-03-25 07:58:46 +0000 #5
Could it be not as good as Manchester United Super ....



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