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What is a brace?

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"brace" is an idiom, meaning that the success of an effort to do the same thing twice. This idiom is very common in football, which means in football in a football match in a tournament into two goals.

Basic About

"brace" is from the traditional opera repertoire "second-round plum", and this opera is taken from the classic novel, the story of the same name. "Second-degree Mei" hero Mei Liangyu framed father was a traitor, he fortunately was rescued and sent to his father's friends at home Yorii Jih-Sheng Chen. Chen Mei Liangyu, as has been out as often took him to the plum trees in the garden side of worship old friends. Mei Liangyu did not live up to love, have vowed to up studying poetry and literature, determined to obtain fame, to succeed in the future a good father to avenge.

Day, the plum blossom in full bloom by blowing wind and rain the night playing withered away. Jih-Sheng Chen Mei Liangyu sincerely with Zaibai pray for Plum re-opened. Sincerely moved heaven and earth, the result is really fragrant beauties, brace! This is a good omen, Mei Liangyu the final studies to Beijing, China and the champion, but also, and Jih-Sheng Chen's daughter, noted for its clarity of a good knot.

Thus it is evident, "brace" was originally a good thing to say is reproduced, there is no meaning unhealthy items, but there is no "men and women re-Huan good" means. Virtual
] Other allusions

Tang Su-tsung years, the Central Plains there is a certain place beauties woman, Ming Huan CHEN Xing-yuan. His family has strains of plum tree, flowering, when they are fragrant Tuyan. Suddenly day, for no reason, that children wither plum tree branches, and flowers off of. Why no wind days Yuhua self-mutilation, Chen Hsing-yuan baffled. Also this day, Chen Hsing-yuan official's father, North Korea sent a nunnery satisfactory. This nunnery smart, Cai Mao Superman. Later, that he originally was a traitor after the mutilation of the Zhongliang, named Mei Liangyu. It turned out that Plum should be self-defeating in his body. Chen Hsing-yuan can not help but make a kind of initiation within the heart the feelings of unspeakable ... ... Soon, They love the. Who would have thought did not last long, They have not yet married, the North southward invasion, tang is difficult to resist, sent Americans to deal with the election Chen Hsing-yuan to the North to the Barbarian ... ... that time is the border town of Handan. Where to go Fanbang Generally, people should be boarding the CONGTAI Handan, compared with the other boat relatives of Tears. Thus, Chen Hsing-yuan Mei Liangyu will also come with the above ... ...

the CONGTAI this way, today's stage we still have a cluster of eight such characters: "The spouses siblings Zhanjin north-south" ... ... perhaps the person's ill-fated secretly assisted him, right? Later, when Chen Hsing-yuan Leibie Mei Liangyu, step one to turn around, asked to arrive Beibeiqieqie Fan Bang, passing by a cliff Duanbi'd rather die Tiaoya to commit suicide when she suddenly saved. To save her, is a ray of soul is the former government is also due to come to and end, melancholy death of Wang Zhaojun Fan ghosts. That soul, her own direct-Zhongyuan Chen Hsing-yuan Chen, and eventually she and Mei Liangyu was again a good thing, happily married ... ...

this matter, moved by Chen hospital in the plum tree. Mei Chen married on the day, then another second time to reopen plum trees, and flowers, Man-zhi, extremely bright, fragrant overflowing ...


other explanations are usually twice a happy event after another can be called "brace", but also refers to two married women.

Lian-jin scored two goals called "brace"; into the wrong goal is called "self-blunder."
boqi3362010-03-26 23:18:41 +0000 #3
in football refers to a player into the game with two goals
Flash 12010-03-27 00:25:07 +0000 #4
is a game which scored two goals



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