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What is a hat-trick:?

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hat trick in modern football, a player in a game alone in the ternary known as the "hat tricks" in English as "Hat-trick".

"Hat tricks" of the origin

This argument stems from the 19th century 70 years in the UK is widely popular cricket. Cricket and the United States similar to baseball, the pitcher threw require the faster the better, the other hit the ball farther, the better. Has its own cricket, where a cricket pitch into the concept of race fans are strict compliance with a rule: a gate into the stadium will have to hat, which means that all the players on the pitch, referees and spectators respect. Therefore, the hat on behalf of respected. In general, if a pitcher threw three consecutive strike while the other three players will be eliminated, is quite wonderful pieces of matter. If you encounter such a situation, referees will be granted to that pitcher a hat, as a symbol of supreme honor. In short, the "hat tricks" the intention is to board a row with three players scoring a hat obtained encouraging, the 19th century the word appears in print 70 years before the.

Later, the "hat tricks" was a reference to the football game, its specific meaning is that in a game, a goal the other team scored three goals. In 1958 World Cup semi-final against France, Brazil, Pele one connected three balls out of the French team, "Pele autobiography," will be turned into a chapter of this brilliant, entitled called "hat-trick." "Hat trick" was a popular in China later, about the Chinese translation begins, "Pele autobiography," the advent of.

In addition, the "hat tricks" the scope of application is not restricted to sports, people also use it to describe any consecutive three times of success. Such as the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, has won election three times, the success of this unprecedented achievement, the U.S. "Time magazine," It was called the "Margaret Thatcher hat-trick."

Football World Cup in the history of "hat tricks"

Here are some of the history of soccer's World Cup hat-trick:

1, Brazil's Pele (1958 World Cup semi-final win France);

2, Portugal, Yossi Bio 1958 World Cup 1 / 4 final wins North Korea 4-3, scored four goals);

3, England 杰夫赫斯特 (Geoff Hurst, 1966 World Cup final wins Germany);

4, Germany The Gerd Muller (Gerd Muller, 1970 World Cup 5-2 victory ,3-1, W Bulgaria, Peru, twice);

5, Italy's Paolo Rossi (Paolo Rossi, 1982 World Cup group match victory Brazil);

6, Hungary 拉兹罗基斯 (Laszlo Kiss, 1982 World Cup group stage 10-1 win El Salvador);

7, Argentina's Gabriel Omar Batistuta (Gabriel Omar Batistuta, 1994 World Cup 4-0 win Greece, Jamaica, the 1998 World Cup 5-0 win and two);

8, Germany's Miroslav Klose (Miroslav Klose, 2002 World Cup group match 8 -0 wins Saudi Arabia).

9, Portugal's Pauleta his June 10, 2002 in the whole state of Portugal's 4-0 victory over Poland

Football European Cup history, the "hat tricks"

European Cup has been held since 1960, a total of 48 years, appeared eight times a hat-trick. (So far)

Dieter - Muller: The 5th European Cup semi-final Germany 4-2 Yugoslavia

Dieter - Mueller, Germany's soccer history, scoring the most efficient European Cup player, at the 5th session of the Yugoslavia and the European Cup semi-final, when he was 22-year-old Muller of his national team debut in staged a European Cup history a hat-trick. It is worth mentioning that, when Muller in the second half 80 minutes before coming off the bench. After playing 1 minute, Mill on the score for the German team to level at 2-2, followed by the last 5 minutes in the overtime period, Muller also for the German team with two goals, the German team 4-2 reversal of the final host Yugoslavia into Europe Cup.

Allofs: The 6th European Cup group match Germany 3-2 Netherlands

Four years later, the Italian European Cup group stage, and the other a West German court in Sao Paulo in Naples copied Dieter - Muller's magic. Allofs in Germany, the Netherlands, the group stage with a hat-trick. Allofs completion of these just before the game completed within 66 minutes of his three goals for the German team has made a huge lead, even if later the Dutch team Lianban two goals, but also can not avoid the grief of losing.

Platini: The 7th European Cup group match France 5-0 Belgium

Michel Platini is so far the only one in the European Cup hat-trick twice in the history of the players, the French legend to complete two Block hat-trick in just 3 days. At the 7th session of the European Cup group match in France, the French team than Uyo Stadium against Belgium Lei, Michel Platini in the first 4 minutes for the French team to break the deadlock in the court; the first 74 minutes, he used a penalty will be rewritten as a 4-0 score; whistle ago, Platini scored a success then the European Cup history, the first three hat-trick.

Platini: The 7th European Cup group match France 3-2 Yugoslavia

Platini, the completion of his hat-trick of European Cup on the first done after the third day, he was Saint-Etienne's Jiaofuluo Iraq - Ancient Eachard Stadium ushered in its second European Cup hat-trick. French team in a ball behind the case, by the captain Michel Platini at 59,62,77 minutes three times Jiangong, will rewrite the score 3-1. Although the first 84 minutes of Yugoslavia in the game by Stojkovic penalty into a penalty, it is unavoidable fate of being reversed.

Van Basten: 8th European Cup group match, Germany the Netherlands 3-1 England

the 8th European Cup champion in recent years, "Wumianzhiwang" The Netherlands in international competitions only gains the title. At that time led by the Netherlands The Three Musketeers Dutch team group stage encounter with England, it is only a win to advance to a match. Current Dutch coach Marco van Basten of the Rhine in Dusseldorf orange clothing Legion Stadium has become a hero. Intermission ago, Marco van Basten for the Dutch team to break the deadlock in the court; although England will then equalized the score, but Van Basten in the game the first 71,75 minutes, two goals, so that east of England's efforts to pay the flow.

Conceicao: 11th Netherlands and Belgium, Portugal 3-0 European Cup group stage in Germany

This session of the Portuguese national team from the "golden generation" assume personal command, from the Conceicao Lazio This is a play a minor role. But the Portugal match in the group the first two games in the victory, giving the opportunity to Conceicao debut. Germany in Rotterdam - Kuip, have been identified Portugal fielded a large number of laid-off on the bench, Conceicao is one of them. Who would also not expect that replacement of the Conceicao Figo played the game the first 35,54 and 71 minutes, three times for the Portuguese team Jiangong. Defending champion Germany last team after the match to go home with just one sub-helplessness.

Kluivert: 11th Netherlands and Belgium European Cup 1 / 4 final of the Netherlands 6-1 Yugoslavia

previous lonely Barcelona striker Patrick Kluivert his offensive talent to play in this game the most of. Germany in Rotterdam - Kuip, Kluivert 54 minutes before the game, just with a 30-minute hat-trick was completed. He held the first 24,38 in the game and scored 54 minutes each, followed by the player's own goal of Yugoslavia, as well as teammates scored twice, so that the match completely turned into a bloody slaughter. He is a European Cup soccer history, the second hat-trick in the final stage of the star.

Villa: The 13th Switzerland - Austria European Cup group match Spain 4-1 Russia

from Valencia's David Villa had the honor last night's new Tivoli stadium in Innsbruck, staged a European Cup history, No. 8 hat-trick. The odds before the game ranked in the top scorer in the 4th striker declared himself with a hat-trick is the current European Cup striker's favorite. Villa were in 20,44,75 minutes, three times to penetrate the Russian goalkeeper Akinfeev sorcerer guarded the door.

Strange world football's hat-trick

1. A penalty hat-trick

June 3, 2004, 06 Division South American World Cup qualifiers against Argentina, Brazil, Ronaldo broke into the restricted area caused by the other three players foul, and three times in person penalty into the penalty of their own making, one has the strength to beat the old rival. Penalty hat would be quite as rare.

2. Penalties not enter the hat-trick

July 4, 1999, at the American Cup against Colombia, Argentina 0 to 3 defeat, is served by Argentina's three penalties, striker Palermo three kick, are not able to penalty into the. Repeated loss of repeated fines, and a madman's nickname is really well-deserved reputation. Even Palermo himself said: If those three penalties all the fine into the case, I also do not now so famous. Can be seen that a penalty hat-trick of how deeply rooted among non-entry.

3. Flutter penalty hat-trick

last week just ended Charity Shield Cup, Chelsea Edwin van der Sar saved three penalties, in order to contribute significantly to Manchester United beat Chelsea. Old Fan Baodaobulao, still arrogant in Hong Hong.

4. A free kick a hat-trick

December 13, 1998, when he was Lazio defender Mihajlovic Lazio in a match 5:2 Sampdoria in Serie A free kick three times, from laying the generation of a free kick Master status. Some people can do since it is difficult 老米 have done. Beckham can not, nor Carlos, Ronaldinho can not, and Juninho will not either.

5. Yellow card for a hat-trick

2006 World Cup, Croatia and Australia match, the referee at the start the first 62 minutes Boer, the first 90 minutes, respectively, to the Croatian player Josip Simunic a yellow card, but actually forgot he was fined end. The first 94 minutes Simunic rule-breaking, Bohr produced a yellow card when they want to end up and he was fine. Players in a game won only three yellow card sent off. I am afraid of this scenario will become a unique scene.

6. Mr. hat-trick

near Needless to say, there is Mr. Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane hat-trick of FIFA, well there are also Cruyff, Platini, Van Basten's Golden Globes hat-trick. The players have completed their life in general can not get a prize, Mr., which few can only say that they too had cattle.

7. Super hat

hat-trick while on the pitch is not easy in a game to three or more balls into the even more difficult. If a fairly influential game is extremely difficult for labels to be staged. In the Premiership, Solskjaer twice Duzhongsiyuan, super substitute Renruqiming; in the Champions League, Prso, Simone Inzaghi and Ruud van Nistelrooy has been successively Duzhongsiyuan; 2000 European Cup, crouy Witte also Duzhongsiyuan against Yugoslavia, more cattle were Russians Salenko World Cup in 94 years, five goals a game! ! ! Unfortunately, since that battle, the gentleman seems to disappear.

8. Header hat-trick

February 12, 2002, Las Palmas Real Madrid 7:0 match, Real Madrid striker Fernando Morientes for a person to Five million, of which there are four goals with his head . Because as long as three balls into the match even for a hat-trick, while Fernando Morientes headed in this race reached and more than three, so he staged a header hat-trick.

A few months after the 2002 World Cup, Germany's striker Miroslav Klose's header copied Morientes hat-trick. Saudi Arabia, Germany 8:0 in the group stage match, Klose scored three goals and three balls are headed.

Now, in sports competitions occasions, if there are independent in the performance of triple, is called the "hat-trick." Hat-trick, football terminology. Specifically refers to in a game, a goal the other team scored three goals. Hat-trick from Lewis. Carroll's fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland." The book comes a Hatter hat can be a superb way to use magic. Later, the British cricket association to borrow their meaning, to hit the goal post or crossbar three times, so that the other three people out of a hat for each pitcher award to show its superb pitching skills, this is cricket's "hat hocus-pocus. " Later, the "hat tricks" was a reference to the football game, its specific meaning is "in a game, a goal the other team scored three goals."
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with a player into the match with three goals.
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the same game, a player into the three balls, then it is called a hat-trick
KING__132010-03-28 02:35:03 +0000 #5
In a football inside, into the three balls
ghost or God only knows2010-03-28 04:27:21 +0000 #6
is a player in a game China into the three ball, called the "hat trick"
yfjyfj12010-03-28 03:23:20 +0000 #7
into the game with 3 goals
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In a race to enter the three goals within the



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