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Kunitari won the championship, women's soccer runner-up, the rise of Chinese soccer will do

distant San Siro2010-03-28 03:11:01 +0000 #1
Although not a small 东亚四强赛 note issue, but China's recent progress is really great for the team in South Korea and Japan are not weak, in this in previous years, the Final Four is also true, but still get no less than the Chinese team, this time winning the game, we see the hope of Chinese football
hanshaokang1982010-03-28 03:15:53 +0000 #2
want to see, of course, but we still have to cool, first of all We do not see China playing varsity ball against the wind, which is downwind of several ball games, in addition to see our team play is able to persist, the coaches will change. Another League is still the most important, as long as we persist in doing a good job league, stick to our style of play, hoping a great ah
newly awake rats2010-03-28 03:25:13 +0000 #3
only see hope, but the overall rise of Chinese football needs to time, simply because a race victory for complacency. Kunitari In addition to the strength of this outbreak, all aspects of pressure, underdog win and the recent training, and other reasons, there are other factors. Japan had just started the first game, compared to the effect, was Kunitari draw, although South Korea may be a little attention to some, but Zhezhi South Korean players lack co-ordination between team members is not enough understanding, which is a fatal weakness. Final ball in Hong Kong, on the whole Kunitari is an advantage, but wasted a lot of good chances, if the game with the teams will definitely not work. (Soccer team)

hope, has been observed.
422,924,5212010-03-28 04:08:26 +0000 #4
Chinese team is still winning fans the most happy ah, I wish after the win-win



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