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About NIKE ID soccer shoes on the assassin problem -? Scores reward -

Zhuangku clan2010-03-28 11:10:52 +0000 #1
I found these days NIKE, there is a place where shoes can be designed, called NIKE ID, but some younger brother is still puzzled ... Now NIKE ID's that the assassin was several generations ah? Full name: Nike Mercurial Talaria V ID boot. Also, our school's playground is the artificial grass, but not short, not too long, there are particles of the kind of playground, then I should buy what nail? There are three kinds, FGB blade type studs. SG nails. There is also a hard nail venue. No broken nails, I do not want to buy. Thank you very much! Points I do not care, love how many how many.
a11811582010-03-28 11:17:16 +0000 #2
Knife-based tool for `` people `` can look at this grass pairs of `` 0db1-bf5ab77d242838fdf5626f3ca93358fa.htm This is ENJOYZ forums are genuine sellers `` sell `` You can go to look at the `` ENJOYZ above are a good thing
Horse sentence koma2010-03-28 11:55:22 +0000 #3
buy rubber at the end of the best, remember at the end of a certain should be soft, artificial grass can only wear a soft-top!
sumimiqiuqiu2010-03-28 12:33:17 +0000 #4
is the end of the TALARIA, belonging to 5 generations assassin, nike id is always in the end, the site is bad then the Lou Zhu HG (hard ground, hard soles)

on the Assassin series of algebra and classification:

from high to low followed by:

Mercurial Vapor SuperFly (MV SF) ¥ 2880

Mercurial Vapor V (MV5) ¥ 1880

Mercurial Talaria V (MT5) ¥ 990

Mercurial Steam II ¥ 420

Mercurial Veloci V ¥ 390

One Only the top three short of what might be called assassins, the following are the low-end look of stock.

SF is a new top-end, the top assassins in the original MV, based on the full use of the entire upper fly line Flywire technology, and use of hollow studs, so to light a lighter, known assassins hit.

MV5 is a legitimate top-level assassins, with Assassin's core technology is to start nails, as well as ultra-light shoes body

MT5 is a friendly and approachable, mid-assassin, the most cost-effective, also has to start nails, just a little common materials that go the lid off of the slick (in a lot of real players will be cut off MV5 cover)

for more than three assassins are the basic core technologies: lightweight shoe body, a patented technology start-nail. But more to do high-end of the lighter the better, more sophisticated material. For example, MV5, compared with the MT5, with the lighter carbon plate as the bottom support (weight, strength increase), while the SF, compared with the MV5, using Flywire upper, carbon plates larger, hollow spikes, we can say Bar weight picked extremes.

In which almost no high-end and mid-broken nails (TF) version come out, so if Lou Zhu and his own site, then search on Taobao veloci tf, and can be steam tf Unfortunately, this version are neither custom (in Japan can, Domestic No)



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