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Jansen has been a very formidable do?

Mustard 12010-03-28 14:11:27 +0000 #1
View his recent good play, will go to South Africa do?
Haiming Desert Snow2010-03-28 14:26:30 +0000 #2
Yeung Sum have been playing the left back, still the World Cup in Germany was once the main force, but by the 08 European Cup will be overcharged on the right-sided teams play into a colander, in left-back position was almost spent. But now that Yeung Sum in the World Cup qualifiers has been changed to the left avant-garde, and performed well, with left back position, Schaefer, who did not play well, so you can play both sides of the Loew decided to re-back Ram to the left back position, right guard inspected in J. Boateng and others. Yeung Sum has basically a big list of the Loew had.
Finger faint smoke2010-03-28 14:52:00 +0000 #3
as a reserve left back and left avant-garde

go to South Africa's hopes pretty big
bayern272010-03-28 14:32:02 +0000 #4
Janssen became famous very early, around 2006 replaced the injured M. Friedrich was named the national team, as a reserve left back and left avant-garde took part in the World Cup in Germany, and later A. Friedrich old, Jansen gradually became the main force, as the main hit 08 European Cup, the recent performance is also very good to South Africa may be very large



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