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Today, my classmate son get married, I do not even have a girlfriend did not, I am pathetic?

Frank Lampard to play Rock2010-03-29 00:10:09 +0000 #1

Kobe Bryant to play punk2010-03-29 00:16:16 +0000 #2
I am That's a true story, the evening had to spend the estimated 100 taels of silver to drink.
badfrogle2010-03-29 00:47:39 +0000 #3
not really sad!

Simply can not be used to compare!
Holy Land of the Blue2010-03-29 01:24:09 +0000 #4
then you students will have a girlfriend yet? ? ?
Jilla Bird2010-03-29 00:31:51 +0000 #5
Tianyi more than you are one person.
Really love Macy2010-03-29 00:57:15 +0000 #6
Heaven pays off, if you look up will find true love, and lovers the world would like to get married!
jiazhongxingwo2010-03-29 03:07:48 +0000 #7
is a very sad

but even more sad is that you actually put this issue into the football-ri

so sad
a8128040932010-03-29 00:48:04 +0000 #8
no quick fix to these
dy5192722010-03-29 00:42:39 +0000 #9
different people, different lives.



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