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Defensive tactics scores Guiqiu fm2010

hi Yang Yang King2010-03-30 21:11:21 +0000 #1
fm2010 play to 14 years, and always felt a very tough defense, playing weak teams is also very helpless, and sometimes just could not get the ball also often lose the ball, back and lumbar not know how to set up. Order to reach people to a formation and tactics. I use Manchester United. Main are as follows: Aguero, Rossi, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, papa Long Bo, kroos, Mello, Vidic, sakho, evens, fabio, zapata, Adler. Is almost all-star lineup. The rest is a goblin. There are extra points
Silence Lens2010-03-30 21:19:57 +0000 #2
play 4-4-2, dual lumbar configuration, but also to set up a delayed Zhongwei, side back as far as possible not to rely too much pressure on, or can be easily at hand Road breakthrough direct shot.
liujian_07302010-03-30 21:43:54 +0000 #3
your own Wanba
Pig speechless2010-03-30 22:07:01 +0000 #4

I need to emphasize that defense is not only just a few defenders and goalkeeper duties of defense is needed for all market players with the implementation of the The. Defense requested that the three-dimensional defense, that is, front backcourt defensive midfielder.

Defense, the most important thing is what?

1, the player's defensive capacity of

2, defensive tactical thinking and mentality

We need to talk about what the players mentality problem. We need to players according to their respective functions, duties, namely to coordinate the attack on defense. Offensive player is striker and attacking midfielder, coordinated action is midfield player, while the defensive player is a defender and defensive midfielder (in this case omitted goalkeeper)

the whole state of mind than an offensive "coordinated action" defense is not a passive defense

, but to destroy the opponent's attack, but rather to serve as the basis for our offense. The ultimate purpose of the game is to beat opponents.

Offensive player's primary responsibility is to the team to achieve goals, so need to attack mentality. To coordinate the players need to coordinate the backcourt defensive players and offensive players up front, so the mentality is moderate. The defensive player is the team's role is to do a good job defensively, so the need defensive mentality.

Here we combine to become familiar with the entire defensive tactics and tactical formation settings. Here I was all prepared for my own good set of 4-1-2-1-2 formation, which is four back a lumbar two midfield a Qianyao two forwards. The formation of the core idea is the premise of good defensive play back.

First set of the overall tactical routines. We are talking about is the defensive counter-attack and tactical thinking, so to a certain extent we have to sacrifice the freedom of the players play, because the defense is rigorous, and does not allow one player is too free and out of real tactical system.

The following will go to the specific, and here I did not specifically raise the setting is set to default. Goalye football game at home

Start the mentality and tactics to counter the strict concept of freedom in strict compliance with the tactical discipline

oppressive style of defense with less pressed, this formation because we set up four guards and a lumbar as the core of the defense, we are in the post - field has a number of advantages, so we have to do is to maintain a good defensive formation, so we do not need regular court press the other side. As for the other's dangerous, we can set up inside their specific settings.

Steals more cautious, more cautious steals get a license can reduce and prevent the failure of missing bits

defense steals the need to maximize recovery, is also a defensive formation in order to maintain and keep the pressure on the opponent's defense as much as possible

the width of the use of narrow, this formation we abandon the two wings of the attacks, so we do not need too wide. Narrow, can also reduce the distance between the players to keep defensive pressure.

Race pace was slow paced, slow-paced in order to prevent accidental lose the ball hit by his opponent fast break.

Delay time, often

pass key Middle breakthrough, because we gave up the two wings can only break from the Road

made offside defensive counter-attack was not, must not be earlier offside. To prevent the opponents offside.

Here we have talked about the specific settings for a specific player. The tactics in the 4-1-2-1-2 formation, the back and lumbar as a defensive player. 2 midfield coordinate front and back field, Qian Yao, and forward attack.

The first is about guard (DR / L) so as not to guard assists stronger than the defensive players, of course, the same as all-around players like Ramos exception.

The role of defensive duties while back

game defensive mentality, but do not require transferred to the lowest, lower than the default to the defense, or just a bit lower again. Freedom, low free.

Pass means a long pass forward pass side. Defensive counter-attack, we need a backcourt steal the ball to the front after the attack, rather than a few back frequently Daojiao but also to reduce errors.

Oppression defense of the penalty area. Defensive need to keep the defensive formation to avoid being rivals to find neutral gear.

Steal, civilization

After the plug, never or occasionally. Sudden ball never, never long-range, and never pass behind

overseeing the specified object, next to the skin in the back defensive


the role of the defender. Duties, defense. Mentality as low as possible over the lower left back. Low degree of freedom.

Pass defense is also a long pass forward pass side. Defensive-oriented side of oppression restricted.

Steals civilization, and to avoid making penalties. After the plug is never, never ball suddenly, never long-range, and never pass behind him.

Man marking for the specified object, and close defense.

Lumbar (DMC)

role, lumbar. Duties, defense. Defensive mentality partial normal, slightly higher than the left guard. Degrees of freedom as normal.

Pass way, a long pass forward pass side. Defensive half of the side of oppression, lumbar defense is needed between the defensive midfield, and restricted areas.

Steals vicious, anyway, do not give a penalty. After the plug, occasionally or never, look at the specific needs of your lumbar offensive capability. Never ball suddenly. Long-range occasionally or never, the same is to look at lumbar capacity. Pass behind occasionally.

Man marking is a zone defense, personal defense is not. Zone defense to prevent leakage of people do not need to tailor prevention.

Coordinate midfielder (MC)

role in midfield. Responsibilities, coordinated action. Degrees of freedom, normal. Pass mode, mixed by the players to decide. Pressure defense, the side half.

Steals civilization, the latter occasionally or regularly planted. Dribbling the conflict, never. Long-range, occasionally or regularly, or to see the player's long-range capability, if the long-range very well, do not waste.

Pass behind him, occasionally or regularly. Man marking, zone defense. Close, no.

Attack Qianyao (AMC) Qianyao players can set up you can not set, not set, then increased by one MC, as became 4-1-3-2 formation. If we should decide the specific can be. If you set Qian Yao, then set the organization's core.

The role of attacking midfielder. Responsibilities of the attack. Mentality for the attack on the high side, higher than the MC. Degree of freedom, high, Qian Yao technology and imagination are very good, very often need to create goals for his team.

Pass mode, mixed. Pressure defense, the side half. Steals, normal. After the plug frequently, often sudden ball. Long-range, occasionally or frequently, the ability to see the players. Pass behind often.

Hot-pursuit mode, the regional defense. Close striker (ST, FC)

striker preferably an empty Pa and a technical or speed. Because we need a good striker as a header before the striker suddenly fighting for the ball to Qianyao Houchangzhangzhuan forward pass or speed. Can also be two ST, but do not all dwarf forward.

My favorite ST is Cardoso, demon many generations of God-feng, 10 years in power diminished. At least one season, down 20 +20 data.

ST (better header)

the role of striker up front. Responsibilities of the attack. Attacking mentality, and the AMC almost can. Degree of freedom, high.

Pass defense, mixed. Pressure-type defense, the side half. Steals, normal or civilization.

After the plug, occasionally or regularly. Sudden ball occasionally. Long-range, occasionally or regularly, or the ability to see the players, but the striker does not require a lot of long-range, as far as possible to accomplish our goal in a restricted zone.

Pass behind him, often. Chuan-behind after the plug can be passed to a teammate can create long-range.

Man marking, zone defense. Close, no.

Flexible Paowei is Goalye football game at home

FC, or ST (technology and speed)

the role of a shadow striker. Responsibilities of the attack. Mentality, attack, can be higher than the AMC. Free, high degree of freedom.

Pass defense, mixed. Pressure-type defense, the side half. Steals, normal or civilization.

After the plug often. Ball sudden, often. Long-range, never, normal and often can be. Pass behind occasionally.

Flexible Paowei is a tactical setting is not a panacea, the specific wants everyone to own fine-tuned according to actual conditions. Never rely on a set of tactics will not work. This formation can be flexible, for example turned into 4-2-2-2,4-1-3-2,4-1-3-1-1 so. . .

a set of tactics is better than bad, targeted tactics is a very important aspect.

Do not think we should stand striker affixed to see clearly, the computer sometimes will even back into the midfield striker, if posted, in the race results would be almost to 0, people striker behind Na, formation of a for - immediately finished. So, must realize that the players are familiar with the location, unless the other party at the same time there are 4

5 forward, otherwise special paste striker.

Targeted tactical wisdom Bi Qiang, a force the wood (passing bad), 2 forced solitary (cooperative poor), three forced arbitrary (low concentration, determination is low, calm and low); Chan Qiang, a shovel cowardly (bold low) 2 shovel weak (poor health or injured people), three shovels slowly (dribbling is poor, low speed)

want to emphasize is, SI can find out about your tactics, but never against the uncertainty in the mind of your pre-race
luyhawk2010-03-30 21:43:26 +0000 #5
give me a mail, I sent you a
kkk43102010-03-30 21:29:03 +0000 #6
pairs of Zhongwei defensive mentality of freedom of the full minimum

2 Rikie automatically moderate degree of freedom in the square half

Biqiang midfield, plus at least a primary prevention setting defensive mentality Biqiang The side half

pairs of lumbar, or pairs of midfield, then another can be configured to coordinate the mentality of all-round midfielder set to moderate degrees of freedom moderate Biqiang full-court press looks like Palombo

specific setting is more suitable if the other attack on the core and the forwards close Canada Chanqiang for their entire midfield and the back side of the game when the pressure defense
-spot command request, the defense recovered OK if it does not worry let the formation of the contraction to strengthen Biqiang

I generally make winger involved in attacks on the free 啦

Fanqiang see your own preference configuration of the striker to play counter-attack should be very strong
zyz love jay2010-03-31 00:02:35 +0000 #7
tactical unimportant, it is important that the operation of .......



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