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Tell us about the World Cup in South Africa with the ball "to celebrate"

attack is the best defense2010-01-17 09:01:40 +0000 #1
see C5 news that South Africa's World Cup ball is called "celebrate", please tell us about this "celebrate", preferably with pictures
Zezheng2010-01-17 09:10:21 +0000 #2
in the World Cup group draw announced soon, before FIFA and Adidas have jointly issued in 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa's World Cup official game ball "JABULANI". - This is a fixed body by Adidas to create, perfect eight special materials makes up the "history of the round" ball, with excellent flight stability and control the feeling of a renowned German Franz Beckenbauer took office released this paragraph ball.

Video: South Africa World Cup ball "to celebrate the" debut

Adidas invited football players were involved in the performance of this test, and gives the evaluation of football. Received waves of praise: Barak commented, "almost too perfect a! He seems to know which direction I want to go"; the core of Kaka, Brazil believes that, "I can not wait to experience one in the World Cup, I can only use to describe this great ball "; England Magic Lamp Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Cech and Frank Lampard also praise this ball mouth without a break.

This naturally and devoted football sponsor a large number of efforts, the same also in the hands of the host infinite hope: the ball has been named as the exclusive "Jabulani", namely Zulu, "celebrate" means. Zulu language as one of South Africa's 11 official languages, and nearly 30% of the population in use, has become the most common language in Africa. Above, in football there are 11 colors, not only represents the 11 tribes and languages of South Africa, but also represent the team in the field of 11 officers and men of fighting.

World Cup ball has been a subject of fan attention, the first World Cup in Mexico in 1970, a black and white football was born, after a series of World Cup ball is on this basis to be improved, since the sessions of the World Cup underlines the ball all the characteristics of the host country: 1998 World Cup ball - the "three-color flag", by the representative of the French flag, blue, white and three colors of red, and accompanied by a symbol of the French nation, "Rooster "signs; 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup," Fevernova ", the red flame represents passion, while the central turbine flame pattern is a symbol of South Korea and Japan in recent years, the tremendous development of technology. Germany World Cup "Team Star" highlight the unity and fighting spirit of football in the other hand, also in the German team to restore unity and inspire success and failure.

The World Cup ball "celebrate", it reflects the aspirations of the people of South Africa. "Zulu" is the meaning of "paradise", itself a kind of sustenance of this tribal aspirations. As South Africa's largest tribe, their enthusiasm for simple, sing and dance, can live in harmony with people of all nationalities. South Africa in such a way to express welcome to the world's people, but also expressed their hope to have something big in the World Cup as the good wishes.

Official data:

Ball circumference Test: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: 68.5cm - 69.5cm. "JABULANI": 69.0cm (+ / - 0.2 cm)

Endurance Round Ball Test: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: The biggest difference of no more than 1.5%. "JABULANI": The greatest difference does not exceed 1.0%

water absorption test: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: Ball weight increase of not more than 10%. "JABULANI": sphere to increase the weight of 0

Weight Test: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: Football weight between 420-445 grams. "JABULANI": Weight 440 grams (+ / - 2 g)

sphere shape and size of the retention capacity test: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: 50 km per hour hit 2000 times "JABULANI": 50 kilometers an hour hit 3500 times

bounce Performance Testing: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: no more than 10 cm.

Ball Pressure Test: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: ball pressure drop of no more than 20%. "JABULANI": ball pressure drop does not exceed 10%



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