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wabc a 20082010-03-31 07:11:24 +0000 #1
My junior high, and play good, but some do not understand the rules of soccer, always a disadvantage, download to ask

a player can not do your feet grip the ball?

2 foul ball kick-off can be directly thrown into the gantry hand do?

3 a kick-off, did not pass, direct fired into the gantry possible?

4 kick-off our gantry can shoot at the opponents when you can do Dragon Gate?

5 our players ball to their goalkeeper, goalkeeper must first stopping with their feet do?

6 players A, B at the same time breaking all the other guards, A former, B in the post, A post-pass to B, B at that time crossed each other's back, do offside count?

7 foul ball kick-off must be thrown back of the head? You can run-up do?

8 foul ball kick-off when the other team members to be far away from kick-off?

9 a free kick, the other team members to be far away from kick-off?

10 handball is defined as? Shoulder balance do?

11 malicious passed the ball into the opponent's vital parts can be sent off do (red card)?

12 kick-off the first half brother to know the decision of human coin, and that the second half then?

13 goalkeeper at the foot of the ball slam, the other players do shovel goalkeeper (first to touch the ball)?

14 get ass and gave the driver OK?

15 Please do not paste other people's Dongdong to me, support the original, can be reproduced (to address), there are still questions to add

Human_Torch2010-03-31 07:20:18 +0000 #2
1, can, as long as the technology good enough, tucked the ball Running is also all right

2, foul ball can not be directly center of the box

3, kick-off, must be a player passed the ball to another player (offensive that half circle in the ring to complete this transfer within the scope), can not be directly shot

4, goal kick can shoot so far have not already had the ball into the example of

5, back to pass goalkeeper can not be hand

6, this situation is not offside, all the defensive players over offensive side, the offside line at this time with the ball as the standard, according to your situation that the ball B, and if it is passed on A, even if the offside.

7, foul ball must be thrown forward with both hands behind the ball from scratch, you can run, the run-up distance limitation.

8, from 9 to 2 meters or more, to the ball radius 9.15 meters not have defensive players

10, handball the name suggests, hand ball, including the arm, big arm, shoulders do not count, but the determination of the principles of handball mainly based on intentional or unintentional, inadvertent, then, regardless of where the ball is not hit handball, intentionally or unintentionally, on the handball referee to judge the standard all to see.

11, in the sports war you will not deliberately foul shot, regardless of hitting the where, but very few professional players so not morality, but in the dead ball state shooting a malicious person is a foul, this time by adverse referee determine what the licensing situation

12, the second half of course, the other side, the first half kick-off party rivals

13, a time to put shovels, even if carrying young goalkeeper would like to use the ball, you can shovel the ball accurate and not hit goalkeeper, you can shovel

14, her bottom and gave the driver gave the driver a part of the body, the body and gave the driver a foul when there are reasonable physical confrontations.

15, you add it, these problems are simple questions
elapsed Ares2010-03-31 07:36:54 +0000 #3
1 Yes, Mexico is a veteran stunt Blanco's feet clip the ball over two South Korean players is not



4 can be counted goals

5 to be with their feet, not hands


7 is not must, and can be

8 Reference 9 free-kick from the 9.15 meters and 10 is not the shoulder, elbow and below

11 will not, up to yellow, unless you kick Referee

12 first half, in turn, such as the A team the first half kick-off, on the b team opened the second half, to 13 can, however, depends on how identified when the value of referee 14 minutes will normally be found reasonable and collision, but you do not have state will be formed to block the ball foul of the




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