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Maybe it will help up front (FIFA online2)

geng442010-03-31 18:11:17 +0000 #1
my front line squad is as follows

Pedro Luis Garcia

Luobo Yang 梅西劳尔亨 Li Yibu people feel a little more up front, like a dismissal, but Pei, Bo is the potential of stocks, others are more than 1400

Another recommended a Macy Substitute
Mestiano2010-03-31 18:17:53 +0000 #2
view, does not bond, had two or three years, so in reality, after a star Bo Yang Pedro (If so), you In playing this game? Even if the next game update Bo Yang Pedro data growth, but the rate will not be large, and how no method with the Macy's one more than wool.

So long as the team can be built around the star. Meixiyibu Henry, or Pedro for Henry, after all the recent Pedro thunder Biheng Li Meng. But the actual use of the words, Henry is absolutely better than Pedro, players are all hidden properties.

Macy's replacement, less than 1,300, the Spanish have Capel, Piatti. Smart-based side are the speed of avant-garde or winger.
Stars flying 902010-03-31 18:45:02 +0000 #3
Bo Yang can keep. . This lineup certainly three forwards appropriate. Raul center (scoring relatively strong), left Ibrahimovic or Henry (dribbling and technology more delicate). Right Front Massey (strong). Bo Yang top Raul can play the position properly, long capacity. Luis Garcia in a bad state when Messi top next



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