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Now the world has a better right-sided winger who?

A Cloudland no trace of a2010-04-01 05:11:07 +0000 #1

sunlong11022010-04-01 05:15:11 +0000 #2
no doubt that Messi with C Lo a
3044208822010-04-01 05:41:10 +0000 #3
C. Luo, Hao Junmin, Pato,
y87192010-04-01 06:15:22 +0000 #4
Old Shell
bs199203042010-04-01 05:31:11 +0000 #5
best right wing is Messi
songxinlun2010-04-01 06:09:28 +0000 #6

have Robben, C Luo, Iniesta, Messi, Gronkjaer, Ramos.
Doyo19892010-04-01 07:01:29 +0000 #7
In addition to Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, still powerful in Spain Casola, Diego Gekapeier, rawas (Joaquin state is rising), England, Milner, Lennon, Shaun Wright-Phillips , Walcott, German rookie Marin.
Wxygnpy2010-04-01 08:32:11 +0000 #8
Live 8 the most suitable wing tactics!

The Netherlands is the most powerful front court Trident. Therefore, Robben. Or Van Persie. I love.

Oh personal point of view!



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