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Real Madrid, Barcelona, A m, Inter, Bayern, Lee thing, Chelsea, Arsenal, Middlesbrough, Lyon is not

ZYLM2552010-04-01 11:10:19 +0000 #1

lm8242010-04-01 11:21:39 +0000 #2
Manchester United then?
Hard to named Ah2010-04-01 11:21:58 +0000 #3
Middlesbrough is not
the distant San Siro2010-04-01 11:40:14 +0000 #4
First of all, "A m" is a popular name may change, please call Milan or AC Milan

Middlesbrough count giants? ? Are you kidding? A Premier League relegation team, not in the Premiership now looks like a.

If ten giants in Europe, is this: AC Milan, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid

but generally nine giants, and Chelsea Only in recent years the rise of not real giants

Lyon only algorithm A giants, not really European giants
wjt10072010-04-01 11:54:46 +0000 #5
Europe Ten giants looks like this should be done, this generally recognized.

English Premier League top four: Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool

Serie Heroes: Inter Milan AC Milan

French with Crown: Lyon

Bundesliga flower: Bayern Munich 2 Pa

Spanish: Barcelona Real Madrid
Liu fool2010-04-01 13:16:46 +0000 #6
Barcelona: 6 trophies

seems to have been insufficient to describe the success of Barcelona in 2009, won the Spanish King's Cup, Champions League, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and Club World Cup winner six, so Albert had not an old, probably after to those who have not seen. Guardiola first assumed office, to write the coach industry myth.

Club success, also contributed to the culmination of individual achievement. Massey with convincing performances of the awards ceremony at the end of sweep, including the most important component of European and World Footballer of the Golden Globes, including, Messi was only individual major honor in 2009, the harvest of 16, only with a In the complete overthrow of the C Lo era.

To bring the club success of the enterprise, in 2009 the summer transfer market, Barcelona to spend billions of dollars, only to spend 68 million on the acquisition of Ibrahimovic, but the money is being received strange effect. Ibrahimovic seems born for the Nou Camp was born, and almost no adaptation period on into the team. He and Lionel Messi is already the front line of today's Europe, the most horrible combination.

Real Madrid: "Galaxy II" to the

2009 Real Madrid's performance is a failure, especially in the mountains and rolling hillsides Barcelona foe even more bleak. But one level, Real Madrid has issued a Bi Basa more dazzling light, Florentino's return to Real Madrid once again attracted the attention of the world. In the summer transfer market, the Real Madrid into a staggering 260 million euros for the signings, almost all top players have something to do with Real Madrid in contact, the European giants in the summer of panic, finally, winners Real Madrid in one fell swoop C Luo, Kaka, Benzema and Alonso and other popular stars. Lafayette fare better than the shot of momentum when he first joined the Bernabeu, but performed better than Barcelona, but with overwhelm opponents. At least, Real Madrid stars overwhelmed with the glory of Barcelona. United

: red is not broken curse?

2009 for Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson is fairly successful, but there was little regret. Once again, the completion of 3 consecutive Premier League, won the League Cup 11 times is a great achievement, but Ferguson's team has always fall short break from the road. Sharu Champions League final success for some teams, but Manchester United ultimately failed to achieve the defending; League Chelsea have been suppressed, most people are not optimistic about the Red Devils to complete four consecutive Albert. After all, in 2009, but Ferguson himself in the Premiership era of great copy of a dull season only.

Of course, there is a 2009 Manchester United to talk about the Department, to 94 million euros will be sold to Real Madrid C Law, which created the amount of football in the history of the largest single transfer record. Unfortunately, Ferguson hands of this 94 million euros but does not spend it before the new season they so embarrassed. Otherwise, how could That evil of immense Manchester derby?

Chelsea: do not change the practice of dressing soup

since Mourinho left, Chelsea have never been so strong. Hiddink on the first half of a wave of temporary blue whirlwind, in the second half after taking office Ancelotti is sweeping Britain. Away scores, if not a bit unstable so, the English champions suspense may now no longer exists. Chelsea's players this year, compared with a year ago, almost no changes in reserves can only recognize the blue player has been flawless, can only determine their performance level commanders.

2009 Chelsea Success is not the time, but some off-site events are cause for concern. First, the stepping down of former CEO Kenyon, second, Ka Kuta event. The former was from the nouveau riche Chelsea a key link to the king, he left after the blue is still operating so smoothly concern; the latter is likely to affect the development of the next year Chelsea. If upheld, Chelsea would like to change next year, Tom has not changed.

Arsenal: to continue one-man show

Money is not everything, no money is absolutely not. Wenger is probably the most experience, and one from the then Premier planes, now relegated to the mid to Manchester United Chelsea utility man, gunmen difference is money. In 2009, Arsenal's young team to continue, with a bunch of kids with Wenger's Premiership Rulangsihu tough guy who fought to remain at the Premiership top four, and 10 consecutive years among the Champions League is already a great achievement.

Lost Adebayor, but the gunmen fire fully open, 19 Premier League wild into 51 balls, this near-miracle. However, sometimes the poor human, do not solve the problem of hardware team, Arsenal are now difficult to change the bit-part player in the Premiership status.

Liverpool: The Red Army of thousands of emergency

the first half of Liverpool lost by the wayside, at a distance of a Premier League title last season by Manchester United overtake the Red Army of fans, who thought that Benitez's team will take this as a driving force in the second half blowout, no think of the past such as it is unsightly collapse. Ago 20 Liverpool had lost seven games, ranking the 7th in the Premiership only more terrible is that Benitez entered Anfield for the first time since the group stage exit from the Champions League. Compared with this stigma, early removal of the League Cup but appears to be negligible.

Once the Red Army exploits, now loud class, Benitez's situation unbearable. But he could not command misconduct on the one hand, signings also allow the economy to the comprehensive defeat of Liverpool is not sufficient unacceptable. Starting just twice in the 2000 Mr. Wan Bang Aquilani has become the Premiership's a joke, but in the eyes of Liverpool fans, this is a "utensils."

Inter Milan: glory and humiliation of the

Mourinho's arrival did not change the fate of Inter Milan's Champions League. First half of 2009, Moratti's team in the Giuseppe Meazza and Manchester United at Old Trafford twice been humiliated in the Champions League once again stop outside the Top 8. Moratti out from the anger, but helpless. This summer, Mourinho asked the Nerazzurri to strengthen squad, so Milito, Eto'o, Motta, Lucio and Sneijder in place five new aid at the same time, Inter Milan played in Serie A is really enjoyable offensive football. On the other hand, to the Champions League arena, Mourinho's team still can not afford the fools like Rotary. Numerous shame for 8 games, the Inter Milan until the last round before the group stage qualify from adventure Laode. Unfortunately, in the last 16 draw, the Inter Milan has drawn strong Chelsea, Champions League still can not make people optimistic about the prospects.

Of course, forget the humiliation of the Champions League, Inter Milan in 2009 was exciting. Including the successful operation of such sale Ibrahimovic, international in the summer transfer 37.3 million euros in net profit, which is the first time in the Moratti era. In Serie A, the advantage of the Nerazzurri still can not shake, they ended with 8 points in 2009, is moving in the historical record of 5 consecutive strides forward. 4 to 0 win Milan derby can be said that the most international in the Serie A true reflection of glory.

AC Milan: "poor" is not necessarily a bad thing

AC Milan in 2009, only "poor" one word can be summed up. Active contact from Manchester City in January transfer began on Kaka, AC Milan, on the doomed victims of poverty this year. Beckham loan their own money to subsidize the club is to add a footnote to this poor. Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti 8 years after leaving office in the season, put the rookie Leonardo, which is bound to wage factors. 65 million euros will be sold to Real Madrid Kaka, it is the poor can only say that Berlusconi was crazy. Because no money transfer in Milan throughout the summer have been absurd, from the "bad teeth" of Mohamed Sissoko to 17 million too expensive Jinxue Fabiano, Adriano Galliani binding the hands everywhere.

Arena, this has done the extreme poor in Milan, Ancelotti, whether in the first half or second half of Leonardo, are so Zhezhi lack of thickness in most of the time in Milan, among the top three Serie A , an objective that can not ask them to do even better. Ronaldinho's final major is the biggest achievement of Leonardo rookie. But Milan does not solve the economic problems, after all, is not a long, perhaps scandal of Berlusconi as disclosed by the media as the Milan is a good thing to let go.

Juventus: "Cup play" ah!

But also how to describe what the old woman? Throughout 2009, they encountered a tragedy of another. In the first half, as Claudio Ranieri and Alessandro Del Piero and others contradictions, Juventus numerous past two months, nearly losing the Champions League qualification; in the second half, rookie coach Ferrara's honeymoon period is over, ushering in the 6 war 5 defeat. Is considered the most challenging international strength of Juve been rivals widens, even the first three of the throne is also shaky. Standard King Mello "awarded" Gold Award liar, is another blow Juve amateur management.

Juventus return Jiujia Lippi waiting, but they are so full of the 2009 disappointment. Old players had their own categories, not the general manager can control. Olympic Stadium in Turin, a reversal of more than 4 Bayern tragic, not only swallow the most bitter Champions League loss, but also this has been relegated to the EU Cup.

Bayern Munich: Return of the King or a flash in the pan?

Bundesliga Bayern is the undisputed king, but in 2009, he has lost. As defending champion, Bayern lead in the 2008-09 season and never had the final ranked second place. First half of the field in the Champions Cup, Bundesliga king is the king of Europe in the Nou Camp 4 to 0 sweep, shame. Into the second half, Van Gaal's team did not immediately enter the role, until the winter break, they still only with Leverkusen and Schalke 04 in the chasing hard behind.

But the king has now to recovery phase. Bayern bid farewell to 2009, a wave of six straight, including four games of 3 victory over the ball, there is a stigma in the road 4 to 1 Juventus. Van Gaal and Bayern's run-in period has ended, Bayern in the summer to drop out of the 70 million euros have begun to recover the results, Gomez, Arjen Robben and Olic are getting better, Bayern seemingly unstoppable strength of the recovery .
1831723172010-04-01 11:30:07 +0000 #7
no absolute giants, each team has a weak rise, only this time the giants, but Middlesbrough is certainly not -!
Amy MG2010-04-01 13:16:25 +0000 #8
Manchester United Middlesbrough is ... ... not!



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