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China's earliest known place of abundance where

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off the middle finger alluvial plain of Shaanxi Qinling Mountains Weihe (Weihe River area), with an average altitude of about 500 meters, so there Weihe Plain, the Weihe River valley, in the Guanzhong basin, Guanzhong Plain such names, the Northern Loess Plateau, the south is the Southern Basin, Qinling Mountains, Shaanxi's industrial and agricultural development, populated areas, rich land, known as "800 in Qin Chuan."

Off in the name, began in the Warring States period, is generally believed that the West has scattered off (large scattered off), the East has Hangu Pass, south Wu Guan, north of Xiaoguan, intended to take off among the four (later by the East Tongguan and the North Jinsuo 2). Quartet pass, plus Northern Plateau and Qinling two natural barriers, since ancient times and turn into a military battleground. The ancients used to will be called off in the west of Hangu Pass. "Banquet,": "covering up For Wang Guanzhong, so that children infants as phase." "Too Qin theory": "First Emperor of the heart, thinking that relations within a solid."

Guanzhong is located in Weinan Tongguan west to Baoji Baoji Gorge to East region, now Xi'an, Tongchuan, Baoji, Xianyang and Weinan City, Yangling generation area. Off the fertile land, rivers, mild climate, "Historical Records" called "Jincheng thousand miles," "Land of Abundance" and "four plug the country." Starting from the Western Zhou Dynasty, there have been a capital of 13 dynasties in the last for 1100 years. In addition, the cradle of Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Basin, and the Yellow River is the cradle of civilization in the Weihe River Basin, Guanzhong area is not only history's first known as "Tian Fu" are the first in history, known as the "Land of Abundance" place. "Former Han", 40 records, Zhang proposed capital in Guanzhong Liu Bang said: "The husband left off Xiaoshan letter, right-Long Shu, Woyeqianli, a thousand miles ... ... This so-called Golden City, the Land of Abundance." Chengdu Plain is called " Tianfu "in about AD 208, Zhuge Liang's" Long Zhong, "said Shu is the" Tianfu of the soil, "Guan said than" Tianfu "500 years later. And the Sichuan called "Land of Abundance" first seen in the article written by Chen, this time off has been said than the "Land of Abundance" 800 years later. From the Qin Dynasty to the Yuan and Ming dynasties, the Guanzhong region was known as "Tian Fu" or "Land of Abundance", but the Qing Dynasty, there was no one checking in the region and the "Land of Abundance" connected.

Hanzhong: Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province is located in the southwest, north, Qinling Mountains, south Bashan



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