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Will usually among the league club which, the specific start time

yolppo2010-04-03 10:10:14 +0000 #1
ago look at the national team, now I feel even more fun to look at the club. But what the Spanish Premier League Serie A Champions League is just that, never touch. What are going to concern about what to do
ruanfei3452010-04-03 10:20:30 +0000 #2
Premier League is played on Saturdays and Sundays Monday, the first of a should be Saturday 20:45

Bundesliga highlight general in Saturday's 10:30 Serie usually around


Spanish about the game are hours of the morning, especially Barcelona and Real Madrid in the race, close to 4:00.

(As when the system changes, so the winter and summer games are one-hour time difference)

Champions League game is interspersed weeks of each season, which is Wednesday. General time 3:45

Now some of the league have been heating up, is also true for the Champions League knockout round of the duel.

Premier League

Liga is characterized by fast rhythmic characteristics of the technology features super

Bundesliga enthusiastic fans, and now the technical and tactical point has also been improved gradually, and the other three leagues are similar.

Serie A characteristic feature of all the teams over and included many elements, Serie A is one of the most complicated league, can, by the Spanish as the technical stream Xiang, Ye You Argentina has helped, why back then when the Serie A World Cup of a Xiao said.

Champions League is the strongest team every direct duel every year, every year to create value and comparable to the World Cup every four years, a great influence. Honor of the Champions League and World Cup player is considered the highest honor, the exciting Champions League level and the level of the team should be more than the World Cup.

Start today's Champions League started to pay attention now!

You will not regret it.
D_a1 warming2010-04-03 10:49:17 +0000 #3
those who live are usually late at night to see if the bar ... you can watch online ah ...



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