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Curling flac Why was 0 to 1 points better

lohaotang2010-04-03 10:10:27 +0000 #1

jackeykind2010-04-03 10:19:26 +0000 #2
because this will be the next team to score Bureau of the upper hand. Curling competitions. Flac team score more easily. Therefore, FLAC will gain 1 point, under the Council to become the upper hand side. So the next Council, the most likely opponent scores more than 1 point. Therefore, it is unfavorable. If you get 0 points. FLAC is still under the Bureau, is still something to 2 minutes or 2 minutes more chance

but from the perspective of Chinese women's team's tactics, just get better at Council, it has effect for a little bit smaller. But the case of strong teams the upper hand is certainly negative.

Of course, that the above is just beginning a major premise. In the Board or close to match point, then, is still depends on the situation to determine whether it is worth 1 point



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