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Requirements: Korean adult men soccer team history, complete score

Once there was Kataumi2010-04-03 12:10:38 +0000 #1
Closing The break Korea 3-0, preferably including time, place, nature, score
andy066482010-04-03 12:24:11 +0000 #2
Korean war record

December 1983 17, Singapore Merlion Cup second third final, Zeng Xuelin command of the Chinese team, and Li Li Huajun the second goal from the 2 to 0 victory. January 3, 1986, the fifth in New Delhi Nehru Gold Cup, the annual peacekeeping Si head coach of the Chinese team lost a ball earlier cases, by Jia Xiuquan and Liu Haiguang score 2 to 1 victory . This is the Korean war in the history of football from our recent victory.

Every Han Chinese football is at the end when the shame of numerous? Sometimes, the end and create a new historical moment only, the War in mind this history is to change this history:

1986 .1.3 New Delhi, the Nehru Gold Cup 2 to 1, this victory is a Chinese team also recently South Korea won the last time. In Victoria at that time head coach is Si.

1986.9.25 Busan, the 10th Asian Games, 2 to 4, from years of coaching the Chinese team-dimensional Si-assured in the group qualifying, the free hand with the South Korean team a try, not knowing from China and South Korea opened a football " Debts. "

1988.11.14 Doha, the ninth Asia Cup one more than 2, the former coach Wang Baoshan Hongta had for the Chinese team in this Asian Cup semi-final should have scored the winning goal, he was the referee to blow the .

1989.10.20 Singapore, World Cup qualifiers 0 to 1 Chinese team overlooked one important, did not anti-lived Kim Joo-Sung's header, "Gao Jun" then after the hand in a Caucasian, one step to Rome.

1990.7.31 Beijing, 东亚四强赛 0 to 1 g of the group stage with the Chinese team in Japan, North Korea, but Korea is not that off too.

1990.8.31 Beijing 东亚四强赛 final 1 to 1, (penalty 5 to 6 negative) 10-man Chinese team kicked out of level, even in a penalty shoot a chance to win a game which the Chinese team still lost though Rong.

1990.9.27 Beijing 11th Asian Games 0 to 2, two months, "Gao Jun of the" three defeated South Korea.

1992.8.26 Beijing 东亚四强赛 0 to 2, Xu Genbao's Olympic team brutal "black nine minutes," less than six months after the defeat in Kuala Lumpur, a monk and have not even good Schlappner this "Kong Han" in by.

1995.2.19 Hong Kong 东亚四强赛 0 to 0, the two sides are fighting Olympic rookie team for the team, mainly to prevent the Chinese team, when winning a tie.

1996.9.25 Seoul, South Korea Meet 1 to 3, the beginning of the Olympic qualifiers, competing However, a repeat of the astonishing scene in 4 years, so has the annual dual meet, Chinese football, after all, the Koreans wanted to win too.

1996.11.26 Guangzhou, China and South Korea Meet 2 to 3, Hao Haidong and Li Bing's goals, the defense has arrived, but lost the fragile 3 ball, the first dual meet China 4:6 negative reading.

1997.4.23 Beijing China and the ROK Competition 0 to 2, the Chinese team eager to win, but lost the account for internationals their machines, and high-efficiency counter rivals in sharp contrast.

1997.8.30 Seoul, South Korea Meet 0 than 0, the second leg of the Chinese team draw with rivals, but they still have not concluded, "Every Korean victorious," the ignominious record.

1998.3.4 Yokohama 东亚四强赛 1 to 2, Shoukaijilu the Chinese team almost win, put an end to a promising future, and are a low-level mistakes twice, so that was no better coach Horton regrets.

1998.6.4 Seoul, South Korea Meet 1 to 1 of ferocious long-range heavy artillery Grabbing plus Ma Mingyu, the Chinese team away draw against rivals, but also to fans saw hope.

1998.11.22 Shanghai, China and South Korea Meet, 0 to 0, with the away goal, the Chinese team won the first dual meet, but unfortunately still did not win South Korea.

2000.7.28 Beijing China and South Korea Meet, 0 to 1, Milou's first "Kang Han war", the Chinese team home that still powerless.

2000.10.13 Tripoli of the 12th Asian Cup 2 to 2, Su Maozhen goal with the smooth, Fan Zhiyi penalty in the penalty, the group stage two sides shake hands.

2000.10.29 Beirut of the 12th Asian Cup 34 0 to 1, OT Lee's "golden goal" sudden death of the Chinese team.

2002.4.27 Incheon South Korea Tournament, 0 to 0, both sides before the World Cup in a fight, can the road draw with rivals is not easy.

2003.12.7 Tokyo 东亚四强赛 0 to 1.

2005.7.31 Seoul 东亚四强赛, 1:1, the Chinese team continues to perform with every Korean victorious history. Previous 东亚四强赛, China vs South Korea fight a level 5, 6 negative.

2008.2.17 Chongqing 东亚四强赛, 2:3 Chinese team a goal behind after the opening, and then scored twice to score overtake the competition and then the last time the Korean team into two goals.

2010.2.10 Tokyo Chinese team played a man's game, 3-0 victory over the 32 years numerous rivals



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