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2009 Club World Cup held at what time? What is the specific schedule?

attack is the best defense2010-01-17 12:01:45 +0000 #1
What time is this year's Club World Cup in what place? Which team participate? What is the specific schedule? Domestic television situation?

Thank you
Manchester United dynasty2010-01-17 12:11:02 +0000 #2
May 27, 2008, the FIFA executive committee meeting in Sydney, FIFA president Sepp Blatter officially announced the FIFA executive committee, Mr. Council's decision, 2009 and 2010 FIFA Club World Cup host country is the United Arab Emirates, this small country in West Asia finally defeated Australia to become the new host Club World Cup.

He said that the UAE will be in 2009 and 10 consecutive years held two sessions of the Club World Cup, but 11 years and 12 years of World Club Championship will once again return to Japan.

Blatter also referred to another host country Australia, he said that Australia's application was "unique", but he regretted that the Australian did not succeed.

World Club Cup called the "World Champions Club League," single-handedly initiated by FIFA president Sepp Blatter has launched. History of the first session of the World Club Championship held in Brazil in 2000, while the so-called real world champion club season is from December 2005 on the first session of the. Starting in 2005, Japan has been the event of contractor.

Accordance with the Club World Cup competition system, Europe, South America, in North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania six club champions and a host of club champions, a total of seven teams to participate in the tournament.

United Arab Emirates able to successfully bid to host the Club World Cup, meant that the UAE's domestic clubs, such as a few pieces of old Al - Ain, Al - Sadr and others have opportunities, and Europe and the United States championship teams for Shinto actual gun battle.

FIFA Club World Cup in 2009, the current World Club Cup will be held December 9 to 19 held in Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

A total of seven teams to participate in, namely, Barcelona (Spain, European champion), Estudiantes (Argentina, South America champion), POSCO (South Korea, Asian champion), Atlante (Mexico, China North American champion), Mazen mbe (Democratic Republic of Congo, African champion), Auckland City (New Zealand, the Oceania champion), and阿尔阿赫利(United Arab Emirates, the host).

The competition will be held the first match to December 9, the European Champions League titles, Spanish giants Barcelona in the December 16 debut.

According to the World Club Cup competition rules, the European Champions League champions Barcelona and South American champions Estudiantes Libertadores Cup semi-finals will qualify directly and the other five teams through two games the other two semi-finals places created. Be阿尔阿赫利opener against Oakland City, among them the winner would be carried out with the Atlante showdown, culminating in the semi-final against Barcelona. Another one and a half area, POSCO will work with African champions Mazen mbe directly confront each other, compete for the final winner with Estudiantes places.


race 1,12 9:阿尔阿赫利VS Auckland City

Competition 2,12 11: Mazen mbe VS POSCO

Competition 3,12 12: Race 1 winner VS Atlante

Competition 4,12 15: match 2 winner VS Estudiantes

Competition 5,12 16: match 3 winner VS Barcelona

race 6, December 16: VS match 2 loser 3 loser game, the first five games battle

7,12 19: loser game 4 game 5 with negative VS, the first three month battle

race 8,12 19: match 4 winner VS match 5 winners, with the final



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