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Ferguson is Manchester United, England's most successful club coach, is also recognized as the world's greatest football coaches in the history of one of .

Ferguson in the slums of Glasgow High Bay (Govan) grew up in the Scottish High-Bay was the fifth largest municipality, was incorporated in 1912, Glasgow, is the shipbuilding industry of the city. In 1958, the 16-year-old Ferguson to join Scotland's oldest football club Queen's Park (Queen's Park), started his playing career, Division staff forward. As an amateur club team always pure principle, he also works in the Clyde shipyards as an apprentice.

1960 Sir Alex Ferguson as a semi-professional players played for St Johnston (St Johnstone), and against his childhood in a support race team Rangers hat-trick. 1964, was traded to Dunfermline, officially signed on as a professional player.

1967, Ferguson was to create between the two Scottish teams record £ 65,000 transfer fee to join Rangers. 1969 Scottish Cup final, lost to Celtic 0-4 Rangers, Ferguson, allegedly because one of the losses of charge and was demoted to youth team game, and then leave the club in anger. In the same year in October due to his wife do not want to move to Nottingham Forest in England and not instead join Falkirk, during which players and coaches have been appointed as group members. Semi-professional status in 1973 to join the Air Wing (Ayr United), effective the end of their players after a career season, when he was 32 years old.

July 1974, at East Stirling Ferguson began his coaching career in the county. In the same year in October, he turned to coaching Saint Mirren team, and into the Soviet Union in 1977 Lvdui a league. The following year, Ferguson and the club because the conflict was a very strange reason the club dismissed, and this is the only time coaching career Ferguson was fired. From 1978 to 1986 he accepted the invitation of the Aberdeen team, where he created the first of a brilliant coaching career. Led broke the Rangers and Celtic to the domestic championship for 15 years of monopoly, eight won three league titles, 4 Scottish Cup, 1 League Cup, the most prominent record in 1983 Year over Real Madrid, clinch the European Cup Winners Cup.

In 1985, the Scottish national team's legendary coach Qiaokesitan sudden death, then serve as a national team assistant coach Alex Ferguson had to prepare for the 1986 World Cup. June 1986, he participated in Mexico Shuaidui World Cup finals, but bad because the strength of Scotland, made only one and two negative record. World Cup is not over, he accepted an invitation from Manchester United.

Had no one thought he would also be successful in Manchester, but proved themselves. Since the last century 90's, he led the Manchester United won the championship of different events, including the Premiership title, FA Cup, League Cup, European Cup Winners Cup, Super Cup, Club World Cup Competition.

November 7, 2006, Ferguson entered the Red Devils over 20 years, Sir Alex Ferguson can be said to serve up a bunch now complete, Manchester United Godfather, successful coach of the template, the pride of English football, but in fact Sir Alex has the early days of hardship and all tempered, hard work brings back a foundation of today's not the world. Legendary 20 years, enough book, but one definitely I will never finish.

In Ferguson's directing, the Manchester United team emerging from the star, the strength increased steadily, eventually becoming dominant generation of European football. Manchester United Ferguson brings advanced technology not only play, more importantly, he brings a kind of difficulties Manchester United's strong will and perseverance and a strong collective spirit. Manchester United team in 1999 won the "Triple Crown" comeback staged many times in the course of the game is the best interpretation.

Ferguson has surpassed Matt Busby, at least in the honor. Ferguson, Manchester United won a total of 30 championship, to be under the shadow of the Busby This success, Bi Basi more difficult than the business.

Ferguson or even the UK's most successful coaches. Excluding the results of Aberdeen coach, but coached the Manchester United 23 years ago, Sir Alex Ferguson will be 11 times English champions, five FA Cups, three League Cup, 2 European Cups, 1 European Cup Winners Cup, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Toyota Cup, 1 World Club Cup. Premier League Coach of the 1993/94, 1995/96, 1996/97, 1998/99, 1999/2000, 2002/03, 2006/07, 2007/08.

Marshal in the UK, from 1946 to 1971 between the coach of Manchester United Sir Matt Busby, in his age of 64 has five league titles, one European Cup and two FA Cup; Liverpool godfather of Bill Shankly in 1959 and 1974 by three league titles and two FA Cup a League Cup; Scotland marshal Stan coached the Celtics from 1965 to 1978, with 10 league titles, nine times the Scottish Cup and League Cup 6 times. Shankly Liverpool coach to succeed Paisley in 1974 and 1983 by six league titles, three times Champions League winner, a League Cup, one European Super Cup and three league cups.布莱恩克劳 husband was in 1973 and 1993 led Derby County and Forest are two league titles, 2 Champions Cups, three league cups. Ferguson compared to them, not a bit less.

Used to be famous AC Milan midfielder, after becoming a coach, has coached Reggina, Parma, Juventus twice in the lead after winning the Serie A runner-up left the Bianconeri, in November 2001, he succeeded in Turkey Trim AC Milan who became the head coach of AC Milan in the 01/02 season won the league, led the third.

Was born in June 10, 1959 the Ancelotti era in the players had laid a brilliant football career status, a long time in Rome, AC Milan and Italian national team midfielder Lord, won two Serie A Champion, two Champions League titles, two Toyota Cups, two European Super Cups and one Italian Super Cup.

In the end, after his playing career, national team coach Carlo Ancelotti Arrigo Sacchi started adjuvant, which marked a sharp idea to teach the "Sacchi mark." 95-96 season, led by Regina successfully ascend Class Ancelotti to start name for oneself. Parma led to the 96-97 season, was runner-up after the League, Ancelotti officially among the ranks of marshal. Ancelotti White Juventus 98-99 season, began his career coaching giants, led by a row in the 99-01 season, Juventus won two league runner-up, but in the same time universally recognized as to their coach addition of a prefix of some awkward - "Millennium second child."

02-03 season came to AC Milan, Ancelotti, and was led by Hong Heijun of the season to get the Champions League the following year Youyi implement the system to an unprecedented third high score won the league. 04-05 AC Milan full harvest season runner-up season, Champions League and other fronts and are so; 05-06 league record last season AC Milan Ancelotti proved this once again the "Millennium second child", but then Serie A scandal punishment overturned this result, the original points 88 points 30 points deducted from AC Milan, but in 4 ranked team after the league fined refresh, still with 58 points and won the Champions League ticket.

Like the past two seasons reflected in the trend, Ancelotti has given rise to the absolute ability of some controversy, particularly 05-06 season, he is almost always accompanied by "suspect class." Listed below are the three major failing career coach Ancelotti -

This is the three can be described as "classic" of the defeat, one league in the 1999-2000 season, riding on the Perugia water war, the rain of gold post Collina made the decision to continue the game, the result Juventus general defeated Providence, Lazio took the opportunity to get a championship; the other is 03-04 on the season was La Coruna comeback Champions League, 4-1 at home leading cases, Milan Away lost a "just right" for 0-4; the three or in the Champions League final ,04-05 season, AC Milan a 3-0 lead in the first half of Liverpool this terrible situation to be reversed eventually lost on penalties, which became the Champions League and even the history of the classic football comeback campaign.

06-07 season, Ancelotti can be described as Taibeitaixi, once he has been sentenced by the media, the "death", but the European Champions Cup won him the opportunity to renew, in so difficult a season to get the European Cup, Ancelotti's position enough to completely solid. But Ferguson wants to Serie A is not easy, good tactical coach of Serie A, there is little coach coaching a team for so many years but opponents helpless, Ancelotti did, however, firmly installed in order to continue his the basic needs under the same lineup, bring new changes to the team. Continuous coaching in the Berlusconi era

6 and a half years, and now the record is also expected to extend, Ancelotti has his extraordinary place, even though character tends to conservative tactically, Carlo Ancelotti is recognized as a master, or a team with 6 years of little change in lineup, the same coach, how can you get such good results? Six years, AC Milan he won two European Cups, one league title, one European Super Cup, 1 World Club Cup, an Italian Cup, 1 Italian Super Cup and a European Super Cup.

Ancelotti excels is that he can be president of the club's "Intervention" and his own tactical requirements, the requirements of big teams with their tactical choice to strike a balance between, on the floor tactics to achieve their intentions, the presence of Next to everyone's satisfaction, this is the ultra-left tactics outside of the relationship, this one requires some compromises, it is not every coach can do. Some people say that compared to Ancelotti and Capello is not enough iron fist, but the AC Milan dressing room has never appeared on the season as Real Madrid so many problems, at this point, do the best in Serie A is Ance Loti and Spalletti, so that Ancelotti is not only a tactical master, also a first-class management guru.

In 2009, AC Milan cursory coaching change, as the AC Milan official Leonardo coach Carlo Ancelotti after the dismissal, Ancelotti accepted 阿布拉西莫 Izetbegovic's invitation to 3-year 100 million pounds Chelsea transfer was worth, become Chelsea coach, and led the team in warm-up tournament on the American hit a double play Milan duo's record, then Shuaidui 2-2 draw with Reading. Although the warm-up match, but for the transfer market have released three strong for the rest of the Premiership, Ancelotti's role will be enormous, he helped Chelsea win to keep the team with almost all the main players in the English Premier League top four in the only one without the loss of key players the team, retained the strength of the impact of the Champions League. This is so full of desire on the Champions League club Chelsea and the fans has sparked a "Houxidingke age" of new hope. I believe no one will be led AC Milan won the Champions League twice Ancelotti's coaching ability, but precisely because of this, eager to win the Champions League Chelsea owner Abramovich 阿布拉西莫 came back Costly, will be taken Shuai Stamford Bridge, I hope the hand of the marshal two Champions League Chelsea won their dream to lead the championship.

2001, some people accidentally become replaced Cooper as Valencia coach. One of his fans began to doubt. But let the first season he took over 31 years on winning Spanish champions Valencia. 2003, Valencia reached the quarterfinals in the Champions League though, but only fifth in the league, losing 03-04 Champions League qualifying. . 2004, Benitez led Valencia won the League and League Cup.

June 1, 2004, officially broke up with Valencia.

2005 in Liverpool, Benitez led Liverpool, behind three goals in the first half where Lianban three goals, eventually winning the 04-05 season Champions League. Benitez has also become the Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, the second successive win in two seasons UEFA Cup and Champions League active coach. 2006, Liverpool played magic once again reversed, beat West Ham won the FA Cup. Benitez and Liverpool contract 4 years, he led the Red Army looking into even higher levels, and towards the league title after an absence of 19 years the impact of Liverpool also hope to people under the leadership of the head, then repeat of Shankly and Paisley era glory.

2009, Liverpool this season and hopefully get in the 08-09 Premiership champions. But they make mistakes at critical moments they miss title.

1984 team began coaching career at Nancy;

1987 as Monaco coach;

1988, the introduction of the England players after Hoddle and Hartley led the Monaco team that won the French league title;

In 1991, led the Monaco team beat Marseille 1-0 to win the French Cup; to 1992, led the team into Monaco in Lisbon, Portugal at the European Cup Winners Cup final, but the 0-2 loss to Werder Bremen Bundesliga team placing him runner-up;

1994, led the Monaco team poor performance, dropped to ninth dismissal;

1995, came to Japan J League, coached Nagoya Grampus Eight; the same year was named the best coach of the Japanese J League;

1996 , led the team that won eight whales, the Japanese Emperor's Cup, Super Cup in Japan; in October, landing Premiership Arsenal coach, is not in Arsenal's first full season in the league made the third;

1997-1998 season, Arsenal led the league made, the FA Cup tournament champion; year was named Premiership Manager of the Year;

1998-1999 season, the Premier League runner-up;

1999-2000 season, to lead Arsenal into the UEFA Cup final But in the final they lost to Galatasaray in Turkey; English Premier League runner-up;

2000-2001 season, led the league runner-up Arsenal achieved, 1-2 loss to Liverpool in the FA Cup final runner-up again;

2001-2002 season, led the team won the English Premier League champions Arsenal in the FA Cup final victory over Chelsea in the 2-0 win was the second double winners;

2002-2003 season, Arsenal for the third time to kill into the FA Cup final and won a 1-0 victory over Southampton team; in September, Arsenal and Manchester United in the league, the two players clashed after the match Arsenal four players being suspended for punishment;

2003-2004 season, led the third time Arsenal won the league title and Champions League quarter-finals Sharu; Oct. 24, was in league with 2-0 win over Manchester United, ending a record 49 games unbeaten .

2004-2005 season, led the league runner-up Arsenal wereHowever, a penalty in the FA Cup final against Manchester United, won the championship

2005-2006 season, the poor performance of Arsenal in the domestic arena, was the fourth league, but in the Champions Cup triumph, to lead Arsenal all the way into the medal final Unfortunately, most of the time but one person's case, the final phase of defeat Barca.

To the nest of Wenger 2006-2007 season, to lead Arsenal fourth.

2007-2008 seasons, leading the Arsenal once in the Premiership top ranks within most of the time, unfortunately, the poor performance in the later stage, the final was the third league, one of the Champions League final in 8 minutes away victory over defending champion AC Milan in the Champions League quarter-finals, due to many unjust penalty regret Zhibubaqiang.

2008-2009 season, Arsenal were once again led the league received the fourth, but in the FA Cup and Champions League are into the semi-finals, four seasons, can not enter the league the top two, and have not won any title.
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