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Ferguson coached Guo Zihao team? When

Manchester United sparkling2010-04-04 06:10:07 +0000 #1

u_look_like_sb2010-04-04 06:14:37 +0000 #2
1985-1986 coached Scotland
_ memory if the letters keep2010-04-04 06:19:52 +0000 #3
McClaren last summer after school, Ferguson may have been coached England pass, but eventually stayed in Manchester, but This name is now facing the Red Devils coach a chance to coach England Guo Zihao team, and not England or Scotland, but the British Olympic team.

In the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, the host Chinese team's goal is to semi-finals, interestingly, four years after the London Games, British Olympic team's goal is top four, however, in the past year in Europe Championships in Waterloo, the London Olympic Games Organizing Committee for the British Olympic coach, a more cautious choice, but president Rod - Coy soon a target candidate, he is Alex - Ferguson.

According to today's "Times" said, as early as last December attended the awards show on BBC Sport, Coy Ferguson sent on to the invitation, according to an understanding of the transcript disclosed that Ferguson also expressed interest in this task: "The idea is to pop up, but after brooded over, they (the London Olympic Committee) found the idea more and more perfect, they are all different occasions Ferguson talked about the issue, Sir Alex said he are interested in, but so far, he will still be Manchester United as the most important. "

Interestingly, Coy himself is an out of the Chelsea fans, but the conversation between the two is not a result of the the slightest obstacle, while a Manchester United official spokesman also confirmed the news, but still too far away since 2012, Manchester United and did not show too much tension: "If Sir Alex was not a candidate for one of those before is the most surprising thing. "

Once Ferguson coached the British Olympic's last four goals is likely to ease the completion of the London Olympic Committee hopes to win the gold medal even more importantly, has four spans in the United Kingdom the gap between the Football Association is likely because of the enormous influence of Ferguson temporarily removed, we all know, the Olympic Games different World Cup, the United Kingdom could only send a team competition, in a political concern, even though Blatter had promised the Olympic Games will not be impact of the World Cup, but still clear that the Scottish Football Association refused to cooperate, Wales and Northern Ireland Football Association also showed considerable ambiguity, the London Olympic Committee that once the strong Vladimir Jazz contacts involved, everything will be solved.

However, the Manchester United fans need not worry too much about the 2012 Olympic Games will be carried out on summer vacation in the league, out of Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson will still be considered, the London Olympic Committee will allow Vladimir Jazz will wear two hats, while the other had public the fact is, Ferguson is now the sole desire to stay in Manchester United won the Champions League trophy is once again, so the "Times" hope, even when Ferguson still can not realize their dreams, turn, led the British Olympic win Olympic gold is also something not a good cover, after all, Britain won the Olympic soccer gold medal last time was half a century has been a matter between the.



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