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Messina, Italy, which is now level league

linjh1102010-04-04 06:10:26 +0000 #1

u_look_like_sb2010-04-04 06:25:58 +0000 #2
Italy D-class league

Messina left the Serie A since the start after the constant degradation, this season has dropped the first four league ball Recent very bad team the last game

team is in the February 17 class D league in Italy, Messina 1-2 away loss to Nissa FC ASD

Italian D top league now is: FC Sporting Neapolis
distance The San Siro2010-04-04 06:51:35 +0000 #3
Lionel Messi is now in Barcelona, Spanish club Barcelona is the Spanish Football League, is Spain's top league, not in Italy
81609862010-04-04 06:35:41 +0000 #4
Messi is not playing at Barcelona in Spanish league football in the Serie. I'll give you a Macy's upbringing it. . 20 century, a precursor to World War I has been in Europe. In order to avoid this war can not be predicted, a 名叫阿尼塞托 Macy's Italian, his wife emigrated to Argentina. They last from Rosario in Santa Fe Province, a small city not far from settled. Here, they welcomed the birth of his son 欧塞维奥梅 West.

Eucebio grew up, married the daughter of a Catalan immigrant - Rosa Maria, her parents came from Spain in the 19th century Argentina. Eucebio and Rosa gave birth to a daughter first, then had another son, named Hao Erhemeixi. Jorge grew up, also married a neighbor, a Catalan immigrant offspring: Se Liya Mary. Jorge found work in Rosario, where he settled down, then, the couple has had four children: Rodriguez, Matthias, Lionel and 玛利亚索尔.

Lionel Messi is a natural childbirth, birth card in his hand that read: 3 kg, 47 cm. Massey called for the delivery of the doctors are right, he is also a Macy's delivery doctor two brothers. Audeteau recalled: "One day many years later, I saw in the newspaper a familiar face ... ... that is, I learned that Massey was actually from my hand came into this world. This feeling fantastic . Then once I was a restaurant Macy's mother also took the initiative came to greet me ... ... "
7 years old when this little guy on Newell's Old Boys team much appreciated. However, Messi was 11 years old was diagnosed in the development of hormone deficiency, and this will impede the growth of his bones. Economic conditions at home unbearable costs of treating small Massey, fortunately, he was Barca scouts eye in September 2000, only 140cm tall 13-year-old Messi to Barcelona experimental training. Catalan not hesitate to give him at the club to register and arrange for him to go to medical department for treatment. Now the 22-year-old from Rosario to the boys has long 169cm. Lionel Messi in the game to 2000, 13-year-old Messi joined Barcelona and youth team level at the beginning flash game. And scored 31 goals in 38 games outstanding performance won him the attention of Frank Rijkaard, and soon, the Dutch decided to give him a chance. In November 2003 in a friendly, 16-year-old Messi was only the first time, representatives of Barcelona, a team played. However, representatives of Barcelona Messi race for a team or played a year later - in October 2004 on the Spanish Primera Liga Barcelona, Lionel Messi replace Deco in the 83rd minute play, and 17 years 3 months and 22 days the appearance of age, also made on behalf of the Argentine teenager to become Barcelona's second appearance in the league of young players. Beyond him is the only Filipino Barcelona striker Alcantara legend, who will be 15 years old Barcelona, a team representative of race. Barcelona Messi's presence means that there are too many club records will be broken, May 1, 2005, Barcelona against Albacete, Macy's free jets with a subtle mind to become a team for Barcelona to score The second young player. 05-06 season Champions League Barcelona VS Panna Xin-resistant Coase game, Messi into a career in the first Champions League goal.

World Championship has always been considered to be young people to show their stage. When the 15th IAAF World Junior curtain slowly down to Utrecht in the Netherlands, one is only 1.69 meters tall young Argentine left back of a giant of the world. He called 利昂内尔安德 Liesimeixi (Lionel Andrés Messi). Barcelona striker, Argentine teenager Lionel Messi carries the hope of the entire world. In the current World Youth Championship, Messi is the end game in the group really began to flash. As Argentina's poor performance in the group stage, so it is difficult to go further that Zhezhi Argentina, but precisely because of the outstanding performance of Messi saved the team. As the heart and soul of Argentina, Messi has been in a World Championship starting from the knockout center stage. Argentina eventually led A Meixi winning team won the World Youth U21 Youth Championship World Youth Macy also received the best player. By the end of 2005 in the Italian sports newspaper "all sports" organization's "golden boy Award" Award, Lionel Messi a landslide election victory over Wayne Rooney's European Rookie of the Year in 2005.

March 11, 2007 ,06-07 season, the Spanish Football League welcomed the first 26 s of 231 Spanish National Derby, defending champions Barcelona take charge of the Nou Camp against rival Real Madrid century, the result of Barcelona in the second half less a person unfavorable situation in the Argentine prodigy Lionel Messi under a hat-trick at home 3-3 draw with Real Madrid. This is the top clubs on behalf of Massey's first hat trick!

April 18, 2007, the King's Cup semi-final home first leg of Barcelona match with Getafe in the Nou Camp again witnessed the great moment: the match will the first 29 minutes, midfielder got the ball plum West, go past two players folder Ming Heta charges against long-range raid, after facing double teams the 赫塔费后卫梅西 three approached a crowd once again to flash light into the restricted area. In the attack button after goalkeeper Luis Garcia, the Macy ball with his right foot sent Buddhism! A 1986 World Cup, Maradona Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles defeated England door same goal! Many of the media to the goals and Maradona in the 1986 World Cup goal in the injection of the century, comparable to the best.

Summer of 2007, Macy Pepsi accepted the invitation, came to China for a two-day campaign by Chinese fans during the Macy's warm welcome, and was dubbed "the new world number one" in the title.

2007 Copa America, Messi played well. Match with Mexico, but is a brilliant lob in mind people left a deep impression. Unfortunately, though lost to Brazil in the final, but I believe the young Messi still enough time and ability to get to Argentina, was the championship trophy.

From the 2007-2008 season to replace Ronaldinho Messi will be the heart of Barcelona. Awards at the end of 2007 the vigorous upsurge, Messi, with its excellent performance in 2007, won several prizes for his work, during which won the Golden Globe is the third and the World Player of the second, for only 20 year-old Messi, it is definitely something to be proud and glory. Lionel Messi

2008-2009 season, Messi first half performance in the league and the Champions Cup is extremely excellent, led the Spanish league, ahead of Barcelona in the Champions League group stage and in advance in order to qualify, and the end of the year was named the 2008 European gold Award the ball the second (silver ball award).

Beijing February 2, 2009 morning, in Barcelona away game with Racing Santander. Messi off the bench, scored twice to help Barcelona 2:1 reverse the opponent, taking high nine game winning streak. Even more amazing is that Messi scored the second goal, in the Spanish Primera Liga club Barcelona in the history of the first 5000 goal! History is not in the tease us. 80 years ago, Parreira is home Santander scored in Barcelona's first league goals, coincidentally, Parreira was 21 years old, 21-year-old Messi is also present. More coincidentally, the son of memory, according to Parreira, Parreira's goal is a right foot volley in mind, Messi's goal is the same right foot volley! You can say all this is coincidence, but, coincidentally why the only place in Macy's, and not others?

Beijing May 3, 2009 early morning bloodbath Real Madrid 6-2 Barcelona away, Massey contributed two goals, two against Real Madrid this season, scored three goals, basically to help Barcelona locked league.

Am Beijing time on May 14, Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao 4:1, claimed the first championship season 2008/2009 - Spanish King's Cup. Massey outstanding performance in the final contribution to the score of a goal whistle.

Am Beijing time on May 17, lore Villarreal Real Madrid 3-2 at home, also helped Barcelona win the Spanish league title ahead of three, which is promoted to main Messi was the first since the Spanish champions, I believe This will not be the last.

Am Beijing time on May 28, in the Eternal City of Rome Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0 to win the club's history and complete the third Champions League football in the history of the Spanish first three trophies. Lionel Messi scored in this game before scoring a goal, but he is not good header, but it is a fantastic record header lob! Messi was the best fans voted on the spot. He beat in the final C Luo, 2009 European and World Footballer of the Golden Globe from his closer ......

in Beijing on Dec. 1, "France Football" magazine of the European Golden Ball organized by Awards event, overwhelmingly defeated former Messi Golden Ball winner C Luo, became the first Argentine man to receive the Award.

Lionel Messi is also the history of the most welcomed by the Golden Globe winner. 473 points points but also created a Golden Globe in the history of the historical record, but that may receive the maximum points, but the limit is only 480 points. Last year, Golden Globe winning points is 446 points Luo C; in 2007, won the Golden Globe's Kaka Point is 444 points. Historically, the voting rate for the nearest Macy's is Michel Platini, he had received 128 points (highest possible is 130 points), is a perfect score of 98.46%. The Macy's score is the perfect score of 98.54%. In Platini's hometown, Messi beyond the golden goal in the history of the first.

The December 21, with a six-time winner Barcelona unprecedented success to three times the rival Macy C Luo votes wins the 2009 World Footballer of the Year, becoming the first 19 years was the winning Argentina players.



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