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Fletcher how this kind of striker?

Long river man2010-04-04 10:10:25 +0000 #1
Who can give me detail about.
bayern272010-04-04 10:20:52 +0000 #2
I think you are talking about Steven Fletcher Su Chaoxi century team, my only live in the game had seen, difficult to evaluate , a copy of his message on it

Scotland striker Steven Fletcher (Manchester United's Darren Fletcher non-) just to three million pounds move to newly promoted Premiership Burnley, but he spoke yesterday, C Lo switch When will they stop this trend: "Real Madrid chose C Law, because they can not be me." remark, the world would have been his fans down the mine should be worth

to see the level of the general tone is pretty big
ACMCF92010-04-04 10:53:55 +0000 #3
He does not forward on
ForzaClouder2010-04-04 10:27:35 +0000 #4
English name: Darren Fletcher

Cantonese translation: Fee Review

Nationality: Scotland

Birthday: February 1, 1984

Place of birth: Edinburgh

active club: Manchester United

Position: Midfielder

Number: Height 24
: 184.2cm

Weight: 74 kg

Fletcher in May 2007 won his first career player of the Premiership title medal. Although Scholes and Michael Carrick in the middle of the partner limits the number of Fletcher's battle, but the Scotland international of the season is still opportunity to get into battle 40 times and scored three goals, including in December 2006, 2 beat Middlesbrough's success than a ball.

In the Champions League, he played even better, who helped Manchester United out of Rome, and beat Milan at Old Trafford game, particularly his performance, many players after the game he received praise from critics and the ball.

In May 2000, Fletcher could have access to Manchester United's trip to Aston Villa's match list, but the FA provides school players can battle in the race, Fletcher failed to match Manchester United in the battle .

Fletcher in July 2000 formally joined Manchester United, but injuries limited his development, he was in March 2003 before the game against Basel was the first opportunity for representatives of Manchester United battle. But after the season, Fletcher has made remarkable progress, he received 35 battle opportunities.

He's mature in the game impressive, in the United 4-3-3 system, he gradually became auxiliary Roy - Keane green leaves, and I learned more from Keane a lot of useful skills. At that time, Fletcher was considered the most promising of Star of Hope Scotland: In the game against Lithuania, he scored the only goal of match will help Scotland get to participate in Euro 2004 qualification playoff . Only 20 years old, Fletcher to bring the Scottish national team's captain armband, he became the Scottish national team the past 118 years, the youngest captain.

In the 2004/05 season, New Year's Day 2 to 0 victory over Middlesbrough in the race, Fletcher scored his first goal since joining Manchester United. November 2005, in the game against Chelsea, Fletcher scored a goal extraordinary significance, the goal ended Chelsea's 40 games unbeaten Premier League record. He looked forward to the 2007/08 season for Manchester United contribute more goals.

In recent years, rapid growth Fletcher at Manchester United, or Consciousness, as the Manchester United midfielder powerful meat grinder, intercept capability in the tackle.

In the 08-09 season Champions League matches, the semi-finals of the red card led to his not playing in the final, which was a lot of Manchester United fans that the final loss to Barcelona is one of the important reasons.

Fletcher's monologue

"in most of his playing career, I will play midfield, but whether as a midfielder or attacking midfielder, I like both."

"I started to find more in the game good feelings, it should be said that control has improved, especially when I am in midfield, I will try to take the initiative to the ball, control the tempo, to help his teammates to score. "
" in such as Manchester United The club play, age is not a problem, I'm glad I now 21 years old, where the key is to look at your ability, not age. "
" Most of the winners of the competition is because you control the midfield as long as the control of midfield, will be able to dominate games and take the ball. "Fletcher commented on other people

" He demonstrated a strong commitment on the pitch, the most important, he continues to grow, I believe he also made progress in many areas, his body is still slim small, but I think in another two years, he will become strong. "
Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher hopes the team championship after a lapse of four years to regain open a new era of glory, not just short-lived ... ...

NEW YORK, May 13 News after 4 years of hardships, Manchester United finally regained in the 06-07 season long to the Premiership title. This is the White Old Trafford Ferguson has won the first nine top league titles, perhaps his most complacency of the title, because the Red Devils at home and in Europe outside outstanding performance won praise.

But be fair, in the past six seasons only made two successful, this technology is still some disappointing statistics. Because of this, Fletcher Manchester United will hope the victory of the season opened with a glorious new era.

"Back and look at the start of the season, many people at that time, we expect to receive only the fourth league," Fletcher said somewhat proudly, "even though you do not pay attention to it so many things, but you will still think about these things, so now you can prove them wrong, I feel wonderful. "
It is worth mentioning that last Sunday when Chelsea away is 1 to 1 draw with Arsenal, Manchester United ahead of two throne, Vladimir Fletcher specifically celebrating with their families back home, this is his first league win, "I went back home last weekend, feeling great."

"I do not always go home, so when Chelsea and Assen Namibia game whistle sounded, I drive straight to the home. my parents, sister and other family members to celebrate, everything is fantastic. "
" In the past few seasons, I have been the first team, although we had ruled the Premiership, but we have for many years and have never won the league. "
" in view of the forthcoming FA Cup final, I do not have the opportunity to think too much, but in any case, the attitude of the team must be positioned to open up something. "
" next season, we have to go to the defending league champion, proved that winning is not a flash in the pan. We must unite to fight to achieve consecutive league win. "
In recent weeks, due to frequent matches and the team a serious injury, Vladimir Fletcher in the Champions League and have played an important role. Despite rumors that Manchester United will be further consolidation in the summer lineup, but the Scotland international has made up my mind to fight for his place in the war.

"I very much hope that more participate in the competition, but when I played to get the opportunity, I think I never let anyone down. I maintain a very stable state," Fletcher added.

"When the team win when you will not be excluded from the competition outside of the sad list. But if we lose, and I still could not play, I will feel even more disappointed."

"There are rumors that the ball teams will introduce a number of players this summer, in such a big club, is part of signings. "
" I know Manchester United is a very special team, I want to stay here for many years. "Fletcher said in a firm .
Lns08282010-04-04 10:54:03 +0000 #5
He is a progressive state of non-forward a few years ago also unstable Ferguson always let him mature a lot recently bench style of ball that still seems tough love will Ferguson



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