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Why do men like football players playing game spit?

Football players spit2010-04-04 12:11:46 +0000 #1
My boyfriend says football running long distance, over exercise, after the marathon, good players for each game in 10,000 m running distance is 10 km or more, but also to make scraping and play, etc. technical action. As a result, the body's respiratory tract in such a high intensity of the load under the inevitably produce a lot of thick mucus, if not promptly spit it out, would be very uncomfortable, right health is also very unfavorable, ask everyone my boyfriend's is real it?
NIKE couple2010-04-04 12:16:10 +0000 #2
cherish life, away from the Chinese Football
612158912010-04-04 12:20:46 +0000 #3
is true

you run laps around the playground know feeling
romance_ms2010-04-04 12:57:36 +0000 #4
I run a 5 km to spit phlegm pot . . . Smoking smoked more. . . How do you ask such a funny question
silently not hear2010-04-04 13:10:13 +0000 #5
you run a 800 to know the sputum did not drink got left a
Human_Torch2010-04-04 12:45:49 +0000 #6
long distance alone would not have been as excessive mucus, only football that more emergency stop , changing to more acceleration and deceleration of movement will produce a large number of thick sputum. Generated when a simple long-distance running rhythm control sputum mostly bad (non-stop deceleration speed) of people, there is the air because, running nose and mouth while breathing, so the air will not clean the formation of sputum (a few cases) We in the professional long-distance running is not see athletes spitting, only football have this problem. As for the spit do not spit, the problem of course is to spit. .
1902190319022010-04-04 13:13:22 +0000 #7
what you can experience their own kick to. . . . I play football is often spit
Ferry tickets2010-04-04 14:40:50 +0000 #8
boyfriend Positive Solutions!



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