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Detailed analysis of the 97 session of the Chinese team on that

Gouduotianguan2010-04-04 19:10:59 +0000 #1
that's why the strongest in the history of that did not qualify?
sevenbox72010-04-04 19:24:51 +0000 #2
1997 in China in the group stage 5 wins and 1 level to the group into the 10 finals, Top Ten China and Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, divided in a group of

1: the first September 13, 1997 in Dalian, China scores place Iran in China 2:4

2:1997 place on September 26th score of Qatar Qatar 1:1

3:1997 China on October 3rd place in Dalian, China 1-0 Saudi Arabia

score 4:1997 place on October 11 score Kuwait Kuwait 1:2

5:1997 in China October 17 Location Tehran Iran score 4:1

6:1997 in China October 31 locations in China, Dalian score 2:3 Qatar

7:1997 place on November 6 Saudi Arabia Riyadh score 1:1

8:1997 China 11 Dalian China 12 Venue 1:0 Kuwait

The Top Ten Chinese team to 3 wins, 2 3 11 negative product score points, ranking third in the group, missed the 1998 World Cup finals in France, Saudi Arabia and Iran, respectively, 14 points and 12 points a smooth qualify into the 1998 World Cup
suffering2010-04-04 19:22:38 +0000 #3
or think about world peace Bar
dahlia19962010-04-04 19:47:39 +0000 #4
also use the analysis you, the best team in the history of China is junk. No outlet normal ah.
Health and thoroughly enjoyed themselves 782010-04-04 20:02:54 +0000 #5
That term really good strength. But still there are problems of individual positions. Little Swan are inexperienced, too little competition experience, unbearable reuse. Goalkeeper arrangement is not satisfactory.

But I think the biggest problem in the coach body, or a football body. The attacks on the World Cup, said that the reason for the failure of white race is the lack of experience.

From the first blast came off the ball, leading 2-0 at home but will not play, and thinking non-uniform field, someone wants to attack, someone wants to keep. Lack of experience in the game too!

Beginning stage, we played very well, the medium-term Glenealy 7 points, we see hope. Another straight sets after 2 games, whether fans or media or even coaches are pessimistic atmosphere of! Thought that we surrounded the team into the West Asia, West Asia, the team has always been a tacit understanding with the ball style (82 years of Saudi Arabia to the Chinese people's minds too), so we believe that Iran, Saudi Arabia will be Qatar, the UAE, "care" appears. That we are on the West team did not understand! Saudi Arabia on the road the last 3 minutes later kicked a penalty for Fan Zhiyi, suddenly got the news Iran, Qatar won. We suddenly discovered how important the penalty, if the away win but we have mastered the Saudi initiative appears (the impression that Saudi Arabia did not account for cheap in the UAE). So we take the initiative to give up a very good chances! Later we see the competition between the West team is still very intense, especially with neighboring Iran, a very good relationship! (Of course, denied that members of the Iranian team is superior strength over the years, I think one of the best Asian team! Little that students feel bright He Shengyu!) We are too inexperienced, yet sad that we do not learn from repeated lesson. World Cup qualifier in 2006, we think the game is the same, and Shao Jiayi away last minute penalty against Australia, kicked later, they found that if we have a chance to get one-third. History repeat itself so funny!



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