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China's first state-level hi-tech demonstration zone in which technical standards

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Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Since 1994, the comprehensive index of Xi'an High-tech Zone has been the leading forefront of the 53 national high-tech zones , has been awarded a national advanced high-tech zones. In 2001, the Xi'an High-tech Zone is listed as "15" key construction of the five countries during the demonstration of high-tech zones. December 2002, Xi'an High-tech Zone has been identified as the six United Nations Industrial Development Study, "China's most dynamic cities and regions" one. December 2003, Xi'an High-tech Zone was named "China's investment environment 50 honesty security zone." In 2004, the Xi'an High-tech District, a national environmental demonstration area. In 2005, the Xi'an High-tech Zone to become the first national high-tech industrial demonstration area and standardized national intellectual property protection demonstration park.



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