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Football players are all brought caddy?

xuegaoxiaomeimei2010-01-17 13:01:19 +0000 #1
Soccer players in the admission when they bring a caddy, I would like to ask, with caddies What is the meaning? The move is from what time to start?
FY Football2010-01-17 13:03:04 +0000 #2
"Every one has been the players holding hands into the court of the child, represents a future." This is a June 17 "Reference News" Graphic reported a "commentary."

World Cup, the players lined up admission time, by the children "escort", and big hands holding little hands. The national anthem, the children stood in the players in front, I saw a little boy to the camera smile pure brilliant, I moved. Hands holding the child's admission ceremony, has a deep cultural heritage. The players will learn aware that their career was short-lived. In ancient

Rome, led by General military triumph into the city, when, in that grand triumphal ceremony, will make slaves cheered when they cried out: "Look around, think about it, you is nothing but personal!" Yes, have is to bid farewell to life, a small stage, general social stage. Playing for time holding on behalf of children of the future, also have to understand that future is not their own future, but of the child.

Just like Pele, Maradona, the original is that their football happy to leave you, now is they are in the enjoyment of football to bring them to be happy. This is changing, and this is the law. Even though David Beckham is still in the pitch on the dash, but he is after all "Sanshierli" people belonging to his football career will not be too long. Just see a picture reported that during the World Cup, Beckham's eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, and the second son Romeo Beckham, also of Germany plays a game of football, "two little guys naughty cute, great players Dad's potential and style. " This is Beckham in the game outside of the child's hand, he is very clear: the next generation will eventually replace the older generation; not necessarily a "son succession," but surely "the children taking over."

A child's growth, that is, adults grow old. So, hand the child is to hand the future; hand the child is to encourage future. Although these now "caddy", the future does not really become a player. The big players Qianguo hands they will bear in mind, kept trained on hand a moment to pass the warmth and strength. Such warmth and strength, probably that is what the Chinese call "Xinjinhuozhuan."

Chinese soccer team while away from the World Cup very far, but China's children can enter the pitch. Back in the World Cup before the start of a month, there are reports that, "from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing four small fans will serve as a Chinese children's representative to Germany in order to caddy capacity to participate in the World Cup. Will be They will come from around the world in 46 countries, more than 1,400 small fans with boarded the World Cup stage, and football heroes together into the stadium. "In addition, there are five Chinese children were selected for the World Cup, retaining standard bearer. It seems that hands holding the child's admission type, long tradition of the ancient culture, hold the vision of the future, but also connected to the vast world. Sage goes: "All is lost, the future still exists." China's football, it should be borne in mind this sentence.
Zezheng2010-01-17 13:22:52 +0000 #3
because the world is FIFA's slogan is fair play, that is fair play, children's innocence, there is no cheat, it is fair competition, a symbol of it, but children, too, hope for the future, it appeared to sing the national anthem when they, with their , the general league is without, and only between national teams race to appear. Because those games go FIFA tube.

FIFA's requirements: In order to make football philosophy deeply rooted among, all the international A-class soccer events and a number of important football match, you must carry caddy admission, male or female.

Member of the collar a child is to play host or the home team in the local soccer school or primary school selected, and their appearance is to be made clear match the purity and friendship. As we all know, children are at everyone's impression is always innocent, pure, and they have become a sports competition "Friendship First" symbol.

96 years of European Championship, when there is no such phenomenon. It seems 98 World Cup soccer match seems to already have such arrangements, and then became the global use of a rite of passage of the ... ...



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