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I would like to collect we respected Comrade Han Qiaosheng classic quotes!

Chivalry Is Hard to Find2010-04-04 23:10:56 +0000 #1
Day to see the Chinese team and Finland match, we do not know the Korean teachers for what purpose to play the Netherlands twice, so I
anglewings2010-04-04 23:13:40 +0000 #2
1. "... With the goalkeeper whistle, the end game ... "
2." ... Dear viewers, Mid-Autumn Festival has just passed, I give you thanks to a old age ... "3." is now opened by the Chinese team goalkeeper Fan Zhiyi free kick ... "4." team training in peacetime must be to strengthen physical and confrontational training, so as to adapt to the intensity of the race,

Otherwise, they would like a roly-poly as a hit on the back ... "

5." spring came suddenly as the night, Serie A popular three-guard ... "6." Foreign players are very dedicated, such as Lothar Matthaeus, a child born 3 months after the last game. "
7. "Fan Zhiyi few days ago, is still a high fever, high fever of 36 degrees 8; goalkeeper Ou 82 1 meter tall and weighing 28 kg." 8. "kick the Chinese team shot was courageously saved Ou .. . "

9." just last week held a ceremony distinguished from married students face. "10." Some viewers may just open the elevator, then we score ... "
11." Baggio the former has pursuers, after intercepting the ball into the restricted area where ... "12." Crystal Palace has been played for 7 games, 2 wins, 2 4 losses ... "

13." This ball counted, door letter disallowed the goal ... "14." has a lot of clubs that want to buy Del Piero, Lazio offer 30 million U.S. dollars, Manchester United bid higher,

28 million dollars. "
15." × × guard a serious foul, the referee will be before the box dysentery O field training. "16. (Bundesliga)" field is now very strong smell of gunpowder, two players on the pitch you to compete with the presence of two teams coach jealousy

17. "corner of GSK team made No. xx, No. xx team headed by the Huandao meritorious deeds! "18." Every inch of turf are doing fierce battle ... "
19." Fiorentina midfielder fouls, no fouls in the restricted area the arc before the penalty ,..."

20. "AC Milan is like a computer, memory, large one, large Pentium II generation, but to run fast, may be infected with disease

drug, anti-virus seems to need a coach Zaccheroni hard! ! ... "

21." Li Jinyu's height because the shorter than the other players, so when scraping his elbow touched each other's face. "22." Team coach to the door of crab 3 xx off ... "
23." AC Milan 1:3 currently leading ... "24." Kick the ball, shoot the door, ... We take a look at slow motion ,..... Oh ... is head into the "

25." defender saw a team of two legs, four legs of two players, three players eight legs ...."

26. "goalkeeper the ball back to the goalkeeper ..."

27. Now is the Shaanxi Guoli and *** of the second half, The score was 0:0. the ball is often teenager Hui

26 minutes in the first half scored the. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

28. "18 号 pass, Zhang Xiaorui jump header Leipzig goal is 18 Zhang Xiaorui. "

29." Disembarrassing to play, the players could have been Chudi Xian's, but the ball did not expect a great rotation, actually out of the side line ... "
30." XX players kick away 30 kilometers away shoot! "
31." ... ... A fan ran to the central stadium, kicked over a billboard! ? ? ? "32." Striker saw X as two kitchen knives ... ... "

33." Good! Strong forward kick volley, the ball crashed into the net nest! The score is 1-1, the ball flew into the goal in a

moment, referee whistle, and this ball counted, there is no offside, the score became 2-0, ** team one point ahead. "35." This is the ball in! Sure enough, the old lady, teenager ** 10 teams to make new contributions. "36." Ball block the goalkeeper's legs look! ! ! 37. *** Trend at lightning while stealing a bell ... ...

38. After this round, Lazio 3 of 6 wins 1 loss product unbeaten record of 21 points came in first, followed by Juventus with 22 points
. 39. AC Milan Shefuqinke to seven goals ranked top place in the striker, Hernan Crespo, viai in a tie for second with six goals.

(At this point the screen flip), Batty in fourth place, into 6 balls.

40.2000-2001 season, the Bundesliga, the exception of a belch loud, full house were scared.
------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

Han Qiaosheng quotations Daquan 2.0

46. Maldives team today than the maximum 150%, really do not know how he counted out!

47. 9 foot shot Weah, Weah goalkeeper rushed out of the ball, good insurance ah!

48. Xx keep up with one foot volley the ball into. This is the season he scored the first 13 header 49. This team member's height reached 1.90 cm to 50. Sure to use the width of the venues, multi-play behind him, more than playing straight pass.

51. Before the beginning of the race, Han Qiaosheng comrades said: "Today the singer from the entertainment industry doors to Xi'an for the Chinese national team

---- pull oil increase call ----" 52. "Goalkeeper indicated the game continues ..."

53. "Pretty anti-offside ... Oh, no, no success ..."

54. "Chongqing team has run out of places ... how the three substitutions in Chongqing team would also like to replace him?"

55. "After the role of the second half put on a great 23 ..." is the first half for the ah, "23 to the ball, can pass ..."

56. This morning, the World Athletics Championships, Han Qiaosheng comrades that "signs displayed on the figures is XXXX (Triple Win

mobilization) dot pitch pedal off the distance, that is, he is at a distance of 15 meters off the pedal." (should be 15cm)

57.9 1 Acre of the station early morning, the second half, Qatar Goal: "brilliant free kick direct nets, Oh! the middle as if also the changes

have a clear line."

58. Live Serie A, Inter Milan, before holding a moment of teachers for Zhang Lu, Zhang Lu Shale coax a long time, and then put the old Han rushed viai

mouth, saying viai where is now the world's most expensive player, paused, particularly alarmist tone to a

sentence: "9 trillion liras!"

59. Brazil's back line is an all-Brazilian team to 60. Hanqiao Sheng comrades say "look at the Serie A the following ranking ( Xing) list "
61. Shenhua Shanghai Shenhua 14 foot volley!

62.2001 A in a live broadcast at half-time team and another team of Shenyang's score, the score may be directed to the wrong prompt, Han biggest names in

their pens Wang Zhuoshang Yishuai, scared Wu Jinxiang hop.

63. "The UAE's long-range high quality ... UAE to enhance long-range aim is to cause the Chinese goalkeeper Yang Pu sell ....


64.9 27 China's road to the United Arab Emirates: goalkeeper Yang Pu net smash his hands.

65. "Chinese goalkeeper Yang Pu a Bigfoot Dao Qianchang the ball to open, I'm sorry, the Chinese team's goalkeeper is the Yang Qi."

66.9 27 China's road to the UAE: This is the first time the Chinese team shot the first half ... Apart from a free kick outside shot.

67.9 27 China away on the United Arab Emirates: Qatar put on the 10th, to strengthen the front court attack

68.9 27 China away on the United Arab Emirates: Qatar is a breakthrough in wing powerful

69.9 27 Chinese road to the UAE: the first half to the present, the UAE team had two shots hit the outside of the door frame. (Screen

screen the following statistics in English: 2 shot, 1 within frames), and good solid grounding in English, Korean big mouth, change coming.

70.9 27 away to the United Arab Emirates in China: pass the 3 Yang Chen (Pu) ... (Yang Chen has been off)

71. Goalkeeper Angel attended the World Championships held in Mexico this year to 72. Well, a goalkeeper Angel to take on the air, hold the ball firmly in the hands. 73. As Zhang Enhua not adapted to the new location of their own, often can not find, so Fan Zhiyi and Sun Jihai often directly on the other side

goalkeeper. 74. As Oman's offensive is fierce, so the Chinese team to the effect that

75 million. Shenyang cold, so Oman suited to have a gradual process of

76.10 7 months China Oman: 10, Yang Chen headed ferry, in with the tail and on the 20th (and Yang Chen) Qiangdian

77. 6 hours before play can change the list of players, oh no, 60 minutes before 78. (Already said several times, the case of Oman coach) said that Oman's coach XX Seoul, Oh no, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 79. Hao Haidong often the case that he can score and create opportunities for team members back to 80. Following the sector by the Sun Jihai throw the ball 81. Value field referee signaled to added-on time 2 minutes 82. . We can see that Oman is an amateur team, despite several scoring chances, but accuracy is. . . To the current

date, the Chinese team has not shot to 83. Strike! Fan Zhiyi a 'former defense', grab the ball before the other team members destroyed 84. Now competition has been carried out to the injury time of 46 minutes to 85. This time from Singapore, the referee blew the last Maiding half the final whistle (
10 minutes before the others do also called Martin) 86. Now there is a suspense, that is, after the Chinese team into the Top Ten, in a game are not on the second half

Goals, either the first half goals, or the second half goals, but also in the two home games in Shenyang, no

in this side of the goal have to be a ball. We'd like to see the Chinese team can break the suspense today (your pocket that point bad idea to do Nachulaimai hanging


87. The other coach is very active in the field of large-scale after the were in formations. (How active he can? Jumped into the market?)

88. The other two were four Tuier, Sun Jihai the ball out (the fact is that the other three defensive about Korea suddenly feel old

division, said three people to continue 6 Tuier a bit more colloquial ...)

89. Sun Jihai seems like there is magic, do not see the ball put the ball broke down .... You said I do not have eyes on the back of the head, what basis you pass the ball


90. "If winning the game, you can say that the current Chinese team have reached the summit of mad state of"

91. "If the Chinese team to achieve the qualifying tonight, it can be said that Milutinovic is the world's first lead 5 16 showcase tournament team coach ... oh .. strong break into the finals, "92. Yang Pu has been a breakthrough XXX 3 times, half a second, the second half 1. . . . . Actually out of the side line ... "93." Fans like me, is now white-haired and the "
94." Shenyang today, the temperature is 11 degrees, humidity is 70%, fever 99%, will be able to stay 100% "," Now heat up

200% "
95. today's passing accuracy rate of 90% to 96. 6, Sun Jihai; 7:???; 9, Hao Haidong,"

97. (broadcast NBA Finals) broadcast today is???? and match Utah Jazz 98. Admission to both the fans warm up to do preparatory activities, competition is about to start

99. saw AC Milan's Batistuta breakthrough in Malta Tiny, foot volley, was referee rushed out to 100. We Do not look Lombardo is bald, but only 25 years old and fitter ... ... 101. This is the Background and ho, Oh? Than

102. Bahrain general atmosphere at home, around the building is not very high, most are below floor level. 103. Since the coach Giovanni Trapattoni after Florence pointer ... 104. "Pagliuca again defused the threat of Ronaldo shot most." (Inter Milan goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliuca was Rona

Seoul many members of the International Milan) 105. China's four teenager in Europe ... ... (Fan Zhiyi has 30 a)

106. a field of national teams, Shirley Road: peaks and Hao Haidong is a Chinese team of two knives (knives)

107. I remember the 1996 Olympics, South Korea jaws broadcast diving competition: "Dear viewers,Now standing on platform on a British judge
! "
108. In a field of Saudi Arabia match, Shirley Road: the sidelines with a green hat is Saudi Arabia's coach

109. Manchester United beat Barcelona at home 3:3 110. Juventus throw the football to the Ortega

111. (volleyball )"... Setter mass had a ground ball ... "
112. Guo'an playing golf in the first half," tried and true ", so you can try playing the second half-year battle ground

113.95 Olympic soccer qualifying VS China the right to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia's Dosari was inside the restricted area in China, with several people, South Korea

jaws while he kept marveling at the compliment: "there is no way this football field, he used his legs for his trip was way through! !
! ! "
114. This time with VS Shanghai, Han Qiaosheng said:" Lankeweiqi foot shot, Yuwei Liang saved the ball. "
115. Explain Iran's race to Thailand, after the venue change, with both sides no one can not distinguish who is

116. The following statistics to see the technical teams, both teams shot the home team dominated almost ... foul Daoshi

117 . In the first group of 581 Italian players obviously biased Stefano Baldini said he was No. 598 Giacomo Leone



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