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Scottish Premier League Robbie Keane how to get it?

Liu Che2010-04-05 00:10:20 +0000 #1
He is not a good thing in performance? Is Tottenham's captain. . . How to get it? ? Too weird a. . .
Manchester United Wong2010-04-05 00:20:20 +0000 #2
this season for Robbie. Keane, he is not in the Spurs had fun, with the former Spurs player field of excess, Robbie. Keane has become a hot Spurs manager Redknapp the first washed in the winter when the object of transfer, but this season the Celtics frontcourt offensive ability has been criticized by fans, Mowbray has apparently not satisfied with the team's recent pre-market create opportunities, and they take into account the worst scoring team striker, Mowbray dished out an olive branch to Keane. And to Keane's ability to recover in the Scottish Premier League should be expected and showed a continuous feeling of scoring, the Celtics also need to Keene to help the team to catch up with the leader as soon as possible between the Rangers 10 points gap. Therefore, through negotiations, the transfer of the last time Keane joins Celtic loan.



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