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Henry Torres can reach the height of it?

78453122010-04-05 02:11:53 +0000 #1
Torres has accepted the British "442" magazine interview, his homage to the French striker Thierry Henry. Despite the ailing Henry at Barcelona, but Torres's eyes, he is still the king of Highbury. "Henry is incredible, he comes from another planet." He has unparalleled skill and efficiency of elegance, you ask, and Henry who have worked a few years people will know when you play in England when Henry He is God, how his wonderful performance. "He has to play is enjoyment.

Torres said finally," Henry broke within the restricted area really well, everyone knows he likes to cut inside from the left wing break, but that no one can defend him. Henry is all defensive players are afraid to face the devil, I can not even believe my own eyes, did not even Henry Arsenal won the World Footballer of the European Golden Ball
Fuji wedding2010-04-05 02:28:18 +0000 #2
Spanish striker killer. Technology, super, super-fast, technology-round. But the tough little less impressive body strength increased, the more people can not resist.

Henry, renowned. Very powerful killer. Technology delicate, amazing speed. World Cup, European Cup and many other honors to prove his worth.

Before Henry is Europe's many television magazine selected the world's No. 1 striker, I think it is also worthy to round ball speed and agility I think Torres is still some disparity with the feeling of Henry 亨利比托雷斯 to be more sharp attack some of the front feels good, it will Qiangdian shot. But now the state is not good, always injured. Peak period has expired. One is the peak, a decline has already begun. Really hard to tell the

on the current view of the achievements of the two, Torres even close
mayueowen2010-04-05 02:59:44 +0000 #3
I am a Liverpool fan, Torres is really strong, fast, not the body they strive technology can be very good play, adapt to the Premiership race. Dragged down by injuries the past two years, however, affect the speed of his progress. If you can overcome the injury, I believe we can still reach the height of Henry, and even more powerful Bi Hengli.
Laohan baby2010-04-05 02:37:03 +0000 #4
leave Liverpool next level can be pleased to hear!
Barcejian2010-04-05 03:59:55 +0000 #5
I think Henry is not high ah ....



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