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How to enjoy football? Essentials, pay attention to aspects of

fish19903092010-04-05 09:10:46 +0000 #1
the ballpark a few years to find always to no avail, do not know which side observation, I read the game is not strong. The so-called layman to see the phenomenon, did not see the essence. It is entangled. . . . On Na Milan and Manchester United's Champions League competition, Zhang Lu said that half of 433 evolutions 4231 in Milan, I did not see it, a bit chaotic, but also have a feeling of Milan with a dare to use the 433, I really do not know Miscellaneous understand, forgive the ignorance younger brother to point it ---- we seek positive solutions
who are bad people2010-04-05 09:24:03 +0000 #2
Oh, watch the game, more or to see a happy, to see a relaxed,

we are not professional players , not the coach, therefore, "did not see the essence. it is a tangle," need not ah ... ...

, of course, want to see nature, is a good thing, especially if they are playing it, can "read the game" , of course, is the best

on the formation of the transformation, the more obvious is the players and the running between the stations, 433 and 4231 of the lower back, is obviously different

and that, "Milan are too old dare to use the 433 "formation, individuals feel that the best players the ability to play with their own strengths, edge, targeted to identify the other's weakness, weak point, bypassing the other's defense chief item, is the most important, not because of what the players can not be used the old formation of partial - of course, several members of 433 pairs of midfield relatively high physical demands, it is really weaknesses, but if the coach then see the weaknesses and not the other used to, or to disrupt the field pattern, using a particular formation, is also very common way

Also, different perspective, see also different.

If you are a coach or players on the field, to see things, certainly, and from the TV screen to see other poles (played football game, right? Football game usually has a small diagram on the screen - seems to be called radar】 【Stadium, where the view from the formation, a little football common sense, one can see out, but, if off the radar, just follow the ball's perspective, you will feel, how there is so much different ah ... ...)

"Forgive the ignorance it little brother"

You can ask the question, hoping to see through the essence of the phenomenon, it has a very good fans, and not to mention their "ignorance", otherwise, I wonder how many "fans" should be ashamed not to the ... ...

===================== and talk to you out of my understanding of their own "experience understand "it:

I think, in almost all confrontational sports, in essence, the 【in the most crucial space / time take advantage】 who will occupy more】

【winning situation, whether football, or basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and even playing chess ... ...

football, whether offensive or defensive, to allow more members of the party, or a more appropriate team members, in the best position to take advantage of a even when only 0.1 seconds, or the advantage of only 3-5 cm, is sufficient to determine the success or failure

such other intensive defensive Road, then the coach will often decorated players / change the formation, the ability to break through / pass players From the wings / ribs, partial advantage, calmly to pass / shot and the other side in the middle of the edge can not play, but let themselves in a particular space and time dominate

As for how to arrange the party or the speed of these, or a height, or technical good players and let them play their own access to space, we see that the level of the

basketball, if this side of the center can eat off the hook the other one, naturally we pulled him die of other, If there are to break, easy-off off a defender's perimeter players, coaches pull arrangement suddenly empty the basket so that he mad, is also very natural. Each other to adjust tactics, more than this number of strong defensive players, showing the natural position of weakness in the other, right? Both coaches and players, match wits in this constantly, for another point in time, in the formation of a local spatial advantage, to obtain scores ... ...

volleyball, to better understand, such as spiking, we should make full use of his teammates pull each other's block, for the real point of attack remove obstacles, or to jump high buckle De Hen's team, in his most comfortable position, from the highest point start with

even playing chess, but also as far as possible the most more, more pieces, take time to play the most powerful place to control the other side, anti, to maximize the ability of the threat of pieces

Therefore, if the watch, can see that At this point in time, the other party that the weakest links (such as where the players ability to be defective, or insufficient number with loopholes), and then to mobilize the party's dominant force in the formation of this local advantage, then the use of, opportunities can be formed , take initiative

This is my own thinking, not necessarily, we teach more criticism

hope we all know the ball more and more like the ball more and enjoy the ball ... ...
absolutely a cut2010-04-05 09:20:34 +0000 #3
I forgive you ... ...
gone Ares2010-04-05 10:21:01 +0000 #4
because your camera view to go along, if you can look out at the scene, what with the formation this station is fixed, if you do something that is tactical nature and level of this play is also a fortune goals, if you are playing football it is easy, and in particular goalkeeper this location
Blue_Glory2010-04-05 10:08:38 +0000 #5
First of all, pay attention to both technical and tactical characteristics, they played the whole and defending or counter attacking formation sometimes not the most important

common tactics: Full and defending (eg the Netherlands), defensive counter (Italy, as well as most of the Serie A team), Changzhuanchongdiao (most of England and the Premiership teams), short pass with the (German , Spain, etc.), storm (Brazil. But now the meaning of Brazil a little bit defensive counterattack). And so on, not one by one said, to understanding of their own

Secondly, changes in both attack and defense conversion. Do not see the whole formation, as long as the shows involved in defense, offensive players are what you can. You said 433 Variable 4231 (451) is more common.

Sometimes, you can see with it clever, if odd skill, shooting, passing football is imaginative and unique beauty. The match is going to stimulate, not dull.

For the time being these, if the thought of give you added



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