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Xie Yalong is Who? Why do so many people criticize him?

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Xie Yalong was born in 1956 in Chongqing, then leave their parents early, with his brother grew up in Baoji, Shaanxi Province.

In 1973, the 17-year-old Xie Yalong School Track and Field Games in Shaanxi Province in winning the 100 meters on the first, Sharp burst on the scene. Since then, he was selected team of Shaanxi Province, attended the National School Games. In the same year phase by Shaanxi sports team, become a professional athlete, specializing in 100 meters and 200 meters, 100 meters results at up to 11 seconds, is quite good result.

In early 1979, unintentional injuries as their prime Xie Yalong, had earlier left his beloved track and field, and soon retired to do the coaching role to complete the conversion, only six months time, the disciples chapter Whiffen's 400 meters hurdles performance have achieved rapid improvement. September 1979 at the fourth National Games, the chapter Whiffen 79 to 59 seconds results Jiyaqunfang, Shaanxi won the gold medal. Since then, several chapters in the national competition Whiffen Phi gold and silver, also on behalf of our country in the World Series of satisfactory performance. Xie Yalong Shaanxi Province, this being relevant awards and recognition.

While the coach will get a good early results, but Xie Yalong know the cause of doing even better if we want to, but also to further studies. In 1980, the business thriving Xie Yalong to enroll at the Beijing Institute of Physical Education honors undergraduate class trainer to learn. In order not to affect their learning, he can not attend to love. Later, he decided to test graduate students, in order to successfully complete their education, he had to postpone the wedding again.

At the time as athletics director, Xie Yalong there was a classic "lines": "not eliminate, track and field's doping problem, I step down, preferring to go to Beijing to sell the front door served in big bowls." This statement and then Beijing Vice Mayor Zhang Baifa about 1990 Asian Games, said "if the Asian Games can not be completed on schedule, I went from the top floor of Beijing Jing Guang Center, jump the highest," very similar. This bit is not burning our bridges to their own words, indicates the strong side character Xie Yalong.

So and his people who have worked most of that, thank a look mild, but the inner more decisive, very assertive person. Xie Yalong, after assumption of office, has been on the track and field's doping attaches great importance to thorough investigation with the Office 兴奋剂检测中心 severely punished, the greatest impact is the Sydney Olympics, thorough investigation of a number of those who defy the law, making China the number of track and field team competition determined from the initial reduction of 38 to 26 people, including the Ma's Army fame was also a member of this, Ma Junren also very excited to have "asked" I had track and field center and Xie Yalong, but Xie Yalong said that the Chinese track and field doping not resolved, would seriously affect China's sports and even China's international image, so no matter who is involved, must be treated equally. For this reason, as a key project of the Middle and Long Distance harvest for the Olympic Games in Sydney.

2000 in Henan Luohe at the National Walking Championships, the Chinese were walking in the country for the race referee soft, but often lose out in international competition phenomenon, he clearly put forward three demands: "strict law enforcement against unfair judges , skilled. "football field he's" black whistle "is diverted to the track and field, soccer world want a problem to warning track. Five east of the river, five years, Hexi, that time will never think about Xie Yalong own Football Association head of today will be sitting position, facing unfair judges and the problems existing in football. Track and Field Center in just to when he said: "I was 20 years ago, track and field athletes, 20 years later returned to the track and field, I find, now many of the Chinese track and field achievements of the project not as good as 20 years ago, there is a clear setback Yeah people sad. "football now has a view that technology did not grow over the past decade of China soccer, I do not know Xie Yalong to face?

Xie Yalong to act discreet. National Track and Field Championships in an interview when the reporter went with him on the same plane. In the process of boarding pass, the reporter said he such as bureau-level cadres can take business class. He smiled, said: "What bureau-level cadres? People like us is doing the concrete things, I never see themselves as what the leadership of an ordinary clerk." At that time several leading football legend will be the general plane Select business class, he said: "No, they are subject to high interest, are celebrities, the face of so many people sitting in economy class, I am afraid Zhaojiabuzhu."

Xie Yalong suddenly left the track and field in 2002, center, and he said to theory advocates a certain extent. Track and Field Centre was second in command is a line for many years in track and field experts working on the track and field competition has a lot of training and experience, is the practical school, and Xie stressed that the theory of the contradictions arising from the two, resulting in track and field center and the team management appeared less harmonious note, after taking office in Yuan Weimin, the fight 50 big board, the two both out of the track and field center. After this, aware that too much emphasis on theory for Xie bring their own limitations, then gradually change themselves.

Thank Athletics Centre in the period, also on the track and field events were a lot of useful reforms, such as introduction of a GP system, points system and so on Improving the System of the Chinese track and field competition helpful. But some problems are not solved, such as the relationship between local teams and national team, good players can not concentrate the hands of a good coach training and so on.

September 2002 to October 2004, Xie Yalong sending any city in the Shaanxi Ankang Municipal Committee, as director of publicity, deputy secretary of culture and sports, Xie Yalong combine their practical work, he proposed a "green culture" slogan require counties according to their actual launch of "One County, One Product": that is, in Hanbin District engaged in "agricultural boat culture", in Hanyang County, the "three Shen culture", in Shiquan County to engage in "Guiguzi culture", in Pingyang County engage in "Nuwa culture", in Ziyang County engaging in "folk culture" ... ... This caused great repercussions in the local.

In the well-being and Xie Yalong worked with counterparts on the secretary of the good impression that his work simple, without bureaucratic airs, pedantry, a pragmatic and a good secretary. During the testing exercise in well-being, Xie Yalong to their elementary school children also took Ankang Lan Gao County, a very poor condition of primary education to poverty. He believes a person to make a difference, it should be more accepted in the child "suffer" education, the only way to make people cherish the hard-won happiness. Xie Yalong move on, carried special reports on China Central Television.

Well-being is located in the South and mountain multiple risks, many of the poorer areas. In order to understand the situation of the grassroots, working two years in the well-being, Xie Yalong all traveled around the county. Sometimes he deep into the mountains, walk tens of miles, hungry, eating a few mouthfuls of dry food, thirsty and drank a few mouthfuls of spring, foot wear from the bubble, he complain. Wu Shaohua, according to the Cultural Bureau of well-being introduced to the "One County, One Product" letter, Xie Yalong almost all efforts have been spent on work, to the primary research from time to time he slept for several hours. Last year was the operation of Shaanxi province, in order to make a thorough physical well-being, "the rich rule out of poverty," Xie Yalong to visit often to sports teams, cheer for the athletes. Under his care, the well-being of sports in Shaanxi Provincial Sports have made a breakthrough over the project.

Just past the Spring Festival, all party members to Xianghe Football Association to "maintain the advanced" education, Xie Yalong, once present, said he spoke at the meeting, their well-being two years in the prefectural party committee to help him considerable experience as encountered are very specific things, we must use specific methods to solve, after two years of training, he will focus more on practice, with specific solutions to specific problems. At that time, Xie has basically know that they will go to FA, while the Football Association and other people are not aware of.
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