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According to this group, 8 in which the team would be ah?

distant San Siro2010-04-05 13:10:49 +0000 #1
A group: Real Madrid, Arsenal, Juventus, Feyenoord

B Group: Barcelona, Villarreal, Inter Milan, Chelsea

C Group: AC Milan, Florence, Seville Ajax

D Group: Manchester United, Liverpool, Valencia, Celtic

According to the results of the first round of group stage:

Real Madrid 4:1 Juventus 0:0 Arsenal fee Yenuo De

Barcelona 2-0 Villarreal Inter Milan Chelsea

AC Milan 1:3 4:4 1:1 Florence Seville Ajax

Manchester United Valencia 1-0 Liverpool 2-0 Celtic
Inzaghiiiiiii2010-04-05 13:24:59 +0000 #2
A Group: Real Madrid, Arsenal B: Barcelona, Chelsea C Group: AC Milan, Sevilla D: Manchester United and Liverpool by strength, but for now Group D Liverpool, Valencia, Liverpool, bad election should qualify if TORRES
awpboxer2010-04-05 13:36:25 +0000 #3
A Group: Real Madrid, Arsenal

B Group: Barcelona, Villarreal

C Group: Florence, Seville

D Group: Manchester United, Liverpool



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