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How Manchester United and Chelsea enter the total number of luck the ball, I always luck factory har

Wjt10072010-04-05 13:11:12 +0000 #1
Manchester United and Wolves are not there any conspiracy of transactions?

I plant matter how kind this season, Robin van Persie back from injury when the can? Wenger is not now not suitable for our plant, and as I have heard people call him the voice of class.
Long river man2010-04-05 13:15:33 +0000 #2
buddy your Reward points to your question is very attractive, but it hurt me eggs.

As a mid-life switch gunmen fans and I am helpless, the first question and the Wolves Manchester United is not some sort of plot, starting rotation of 11 people suspected I was a little personal here, he explained that the tactical need for the next round beating Uncle Andes, the harm to that past, in fact, did exactly that, but having said that, even if the Wolves play the whole lineup in Dream Theater could not escape, nor will it replace your stuck in a no bet grasp of the battle, the punishment is not too valid.

On Van Persie's back from injury, I think every fan is a gun can not wait. We all see the lack of a fatal blow to the striker for Arsenal means. Those who pin their hopes on Eduardo Beira even those who are do not fly to. The Turner is not a pure center retracement of the ball he seemed to prefer playing technique flow. The news that Robin van Persie could return in mid-March, more than expected in April before the middle of one month in advance. Source:

As Wenger is not very suitable for gunman It says no. But one thing I wonder if you find no, now 49 games unbeaten gunman and then completely not the same as the time. Gunmen in various positions at that time have, like Henry, Pires, Vieira, Campbell, Cole's top players and the cohesion is so strong contrast, the current lineup with the exception of France and Robin van Persie is so good, other stars can only say is a star, but is like Denilson, Andrei Arshavin, they have no collective sense of honor of the Turner lack of professionalism of the people to reuse, coupled with Wenger in the locker room without effort, the overall look is very loose gunman not Baotuan, wind can not hit the ball on the doomed, how, how can you afford to dream of these people play good and do another bloody football?

Wenger's football philosophy that no one would suspect some people say he look to the future, but I always feel that in today's money and skill of soccer popular today more and more like an excuse, no matter what league as long as the power face of the rampant snatching Arsenal team a little ways to change much, Is not no need to make a little change? I still think Arsenal need to strengthen the power of the team as a whole flow of power + technology development.

Remaining games this season, Arsenal have no hard nut to crack or become more optimistic about the gunman as a spoiler, not that rubbish like Tin Shing (Baidu) rubbish that's lost to title hopes.

Besides football luck is always to build a strong attack so under the premise of that argument does not hold a fortune, which the civil war giants Arsenal this season really a disadvantage, we can not always get lucky that thing, I hope Arsenal look the same as the husband becomes better and better, to the time for those arrogant people to initiate a question: "Why do Arsenal always luck so well?"
magicfoxpan2010-04-05 13:55:12 +0000 #3
Football is round, anything could happen
7158349102010-04-05 14:29:47 +0000 #4
Soccer luck is also a pleasure
mrthomasking2010-04-05 14:32:17 +0000 #5
Wenger is a good coach is the development of ideas in recent years appears to be a team Arsenal are not a problem but also the openness of the club enough money is not willing to spend money! Conquer the world now rely on a young man is very difficult to rely on young people, even if Manchester United had to lay off the world that is already different times (already 10 years ago a) look at the players transfer market is now above what kind of scene you to imagine the
bottom of the flower2010-04-05 15:28:09 +0000 #6
This is the coach's face Ferguson and safety issues are full of fat face Wenger Chaliaoyidian lucky
Kazakhstan floor Potter2010-04-05 15:10:55 +0000 #7
Manchester United and Wolves Wolves coach telling the truth McCarthy is not kind, in order to save power, Wolves actually sent off the bench played Manchester United, results in little resistance in the case of three balls total defeat Manchester United. But to do so McCarthy has his reasons, because in the next round, get sufficient rest of the Wolves beat relegation rivals Burnley. And the game I think no problem, because the gunmen to face Wolves this season, the score was 4-1, I think do not suffer losses, but also the face of weak teams record this season, especially the gunmen stability, in addition to West Ham and away by Peter Andes draw, lost to Black Cat Sunderland, basically no drop points, Manchester United also lost to Burnley away.

Robin van Persie back as early as the end of April, the latest estimated to miss all the games of the season, to be honest I have not much hope that his back or a replacement as soon as possible to find the best way to maintain stability record.

Wenger at least I fully understand and support him, which I can not think of changing coaches can get better results than his, do you think? Arsenal Wenger is also true for the coaches to consider, Arsenal now despite the debt, but finance in general is very healthy. Look at Liverpool this season is the financial problem with the Manchester United is not stable, but also spread the news to sell Wayne Rooney, I think every true Arsenal fans know and value the contribution of Wenger. And there is no Wenger, I do not think Barcelona will be a small method to achieve such a high achievement.

Luck is just one aspect of the Arsenal is not no luck, just luck of every key event seems to go along with others, the biggest problem now is that Arsenal team inexperienced team serious psychological problems, so a major competition to the abnormal . The other is the line-thin, mid-season each year to start into the trough.

With the right fuel for the young gunmen, top professors.
FantasyZK2010-04-05 16:40:56 +0000 #8
Wenger somewhat conservative
memories eternal £2010-04-05 15:25:42 +0000 #9
Professor of thought is a problem with over-reliance on some of the younger players but the more I think it is the club's leadership problem is that they ask another province, a province as saying not to spend money Which coach is better than the players do not want to teach in fact it is not easy can sustain up to now although I still wish you a Manchester United fan. .
Adebayor07192010-04-05 14:40:44 +0000 #10
Wenger is only suitable when the youth development coach, is not suitable as first team coach, should he would search for gold, but it will not use gold. Also, did sell Adebayor is definitely a mistake, leave should be to the Turner, the recent introduction of check marks, it was estimated that the summer go, hey! Hope that Wenger will not make mistakes. Anyway, I was not Arsenal have much hope, so hope that the greater the disappointment
MYSOLSKJEAR2010-04-05 15:56:49 +0000 #11
While I was Manchester United fans, but I have great respect for Professor



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