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东亚四强赛, national football championship?

Wǒ SUN Qing2010-04-06 02:10:26 +0000 #1
Is that true?

What is pre-determined?
East China Sea boy octopus2010-04-06 02:14:14 +0000 #2
No, Japan, China Football 0:0, 3:0 South Korea, 2-0 Hong Kong, China.

Kunitari also missed a penalty, when on Japan and Germany,

Soccer Team to gambling events may threaten the very tenacious
distant San Siro2010-04-06 02:57:44 +0000 #3
Yes, there is no pre-determined, Soccer Team This is the strength of + luck

China 0: 0 Japan


China 3-0 South Korea 2-0 Hong Kong
hbsyhjc2010-04-06 02:45:01 +0000 #4
wskonnan2010-04-06 03:14:36 +0000 #5
+ luck is indeed a strength, but not much strength change, luck was maximized. Look forward to future competitions.
Just awake rats2010-04-06 03:02:29 +0000 #6
it should not be pre-determined, the outbreak of the China Football is really big.
Xiaoqiangshand2010-04-06 03:13:19 +0000 #7
Champions ah! Is not easy, matches with a flat, not missing a ball!



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