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fallen angel called2010-04-06 02:11:58 +0000 #1
page 46 here (in the compressed image 46, as long as 1) in some of the comments and asked what words are? Who can help me play in question? (I have difficulties with this formulation is the ... ...) is some fine print, not original, not how layout, all put together can be, but the punctuation and spelling must be correct spelling of words can paste the appropriate word to Baidu Dictionary , then copy back the corresponding phonetic BC% F2% B3% C6% B6% E9% CC% EC% CA% B9/album /% CB% C4% CA% E9% D0% C2% B2% C3

there are typos and omissions do not give points, book printing error and the page edges not see otherwise. Really wants to help me fight this page text before students start to say in the question you want to contract this live, and later in front of the students to see that someone has to do not repeat the operation of the. However, if the person in front of a few days promised not play presentation, then as a waiver, then the students can take over, the same should also say that you are willing to live.

Once on shore, you can rest assured that after the presentation made to the issue of return, I will return the contents of a presentation scores to rank among the top, so do not worry about other people copying

I will score added to the 200, take it Score is no technical content, they should be careful, we will be able to get, I hope to do this the students can complete dedication, not the mountain nine yards fall short

I am interested in sorting out a set of detailed electronic version of the Four Books Notes translation, hope you help me in this busy, thank you

If typed up on this page are interested in helping me make other pages Come here BC% F2% B3 % C6% B6% E9% CC% EC% CA% B9/blog/item/cf8b583ffe1c18c97d1e71f3.html

ps: do not want to dry solid and want to say some meaningless words of the students, please respect the hands-free carrying, and not to hinder you Reading

Jinan Big Brother2010-04-06 02:28:24 +0000 #2
shall not be: that people are not that happy. Non-its on: blame the monarch. Non-: verb, blame, blame. Certainly not: wrong. Non: adjective, wrong. Mencius replied: "Yes. If people are not that happy, they complain about the monarch. Not this fun to complain about the monarch, of course not, but as the people of the monarch, there is not and the people enjoy the fun, but also not the same. Lok Man of Music: The fun of the happy people. The first, "Music" a deliberate action: to ... ... for the happy; second "music" as a noun, happy, fun. music of their music: to the king's happiness for their happiness. it: to refer to the monarch. music to the world: that of "world music", meaning: the common people and the world happy. to, with, and. to the people's happiness as happy , people will be happy with the monarch as their own happiness; to the people's grief as a sad, people will be to the king's grief as their sorrow. and the world who shared joy and the sorrow and the world's people together This also can not be achieved benevolent allegiance to the world, is simply never do. Qi Jinggong: Spring and Autumn Period Qiguo Guo Jun, surnamed Jiang, were disobedient acetabulum. 547 BC to 490 BC in the reign. Yanzi: name baby, Spring and Autumn Period Qi famous upright ministers. His deeds and doctrine, "Yan" very detailed account. concept in turn attached to the DPRK Wu (cháo wǔ tide afternoon): to change laws, to visit the DPRK Wu 2. view sightseeing; turn attached to the DPRK Wu, two of mountains. Compliance: along. put in Langya



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