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China's first female pilot who is

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this controversy is very large, because the historical data is incomplete, so the first female pilot on the argument are divided, but certainly not Wang Canzhi;

the first to raise this issue is a U.S. newspaper. It was November 7, 1919, "San Francisco horn Post" reports Tan roots in the order of instructions from the Chinese government, the United States to check the order of the aircraft, said the root of the famous aviator in Tam Mei George Ms. Lu (Anna • He • Lu) is "the first Chinese female pilots."

The same 13. United States, "World News" said, Ouyang English is "Chinese women driving the spacecraft (the aircraft) of the first people."

The early thirties, the United States in the English-language newspaper said, An Approach for is "the first U.S. pilot's license to obtain the Chinese women." Later said she was "the first Chinese female pilots," "the first Asian American female pilot." In recent years, mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan newspapers and most respected of Zhang, said she was "the first woman pilot of a Chinese family," "the world's first woman pilot of a Chinese American family" and "China's first female flight home." Some even said that she is in our air, "the first heroine."

Mid 60s, with well-known aviation historian into the book, according to Liu Zuo, "A Textual History of Chinese Aviation" proposed, "Zhu Mufei (Philippines) is the training of the first female pilots, even as China's first female pilot to load" Encyclopedia of China • Aerospace "volume" History of Modern Aviation, "discussion paper entry

In addition, it was said Wu Xiumei, Yang Jin exercise;

Wang Canzhi not a pilot, flight school even though she is, who is also Bi Lufu , Ouyang Ying late many. Second, Zhu Mufei flight school specific materials, along with other people in the majority, suspicious lot, and some are obviously false the. has been identified, Zuo-Cheng material reliable, but also failed to prove Zhu Xuefei line than Lu, Europe early. Third, the power base of jade material than the actual flight school, but higher than Lu, Europe late. Therefore, the first Chinese female pilots, this is not the Europe of the Roh.



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