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Dongping Sheng Shandong sports classic slip of the tongue

lnts_06342010-04-06 03:12:00 +0000 #1
As title
fly12522010-04-06 03:14:07 +0000 #2
The following are some talented Columbia Quotations:

1) in Shandong Province Henan Jianye team, talented brother stunned the world: "barb good defensive ball goalkeeper because he did not know which way the ball will be kicked. " . .

2) Mount team forced a corner, talented brother: "Taishan team won a corner before the field" (not wrong) 3) "10 Zheng shot! Oops! Pity. Goal of shape." talented brother wringing. 4) "If the goalkeeper does not block the ball, he entered" and the Han Qiaosheng "the ball if the play is Buddhism, he entered" the same as the classic. 5) The former international, Li Xiaopeng corner kick, talented brother: "Oh! The ball high and low hair!" (Surprise ...) 6) Wu explained: "a good opportunity! Fast shot Yeah! How not fire do! "talented brother:" It's ah! this insists on not shooting is not help it! "(...) 7)" over the stadium today, the day under the rain. "(the only stadium in Jinan original rain over the next )

8), when scenes chaos ... talented brother: "Well, now we have seen several referees Shanghai International team also rushed to the floor ...."( Shanghai International teams are owned referees )

9), three AFC this week, the super coach Touba replaced in the second half of the frail and the Wang Chao, Yuan Wei-wei replaced. Talented Brother: "how can this time for Villa Victoria Wei then? Yuan Wei-wei will not play!" (Come on, then you will not play than play it)

10) 2005 Asian Champions League, talented and Colombia Yokohama improvised introduction to a sentence when: "Yokohama Marinos Yokohama FC in Japan, also known as team." (two incompatible team is talented brother merged, this error, an analogy is also known as AC Milan International Milan)
liujian_07302010-04-06 03:41:45 +0000 #3
frontier closed area, a sudden long-range kick the ball into, Su Maozhen, oh, a header, the ball is too beautiful,



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