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Insua bad? About and who is a level? How much is the transfer fees?

Prince の dance2010-04-06 04:10:56 +0000 #1
How much money transfer Liverpool
sxt458945892010-04-06 04:15:09 +0000 #2
Name: Emiliano - Insua

Emiliano Adrian Insua Zapata

Nationality: Argentina

Birthday: 1989-01-07

Height: 173 cm


left back currently plays for: Liverpool. Premiership

contract to: 2011

Number: 22

main legs: left

as a left back, Insua's assists total to give people left a deep impression. Adhering to the Argentine style of practical breakthrough in technology (and sometimes also small fancy it), both speed and sufficient capacity to adapt to the physicality of the Premiership, and the broad field of vision, or even restricted access to each other shot. On the defensive end, Insua's one on one ability above average. Now he has occupied in the Liverpool first team place his own, while the national team coach Diego Maradona has also recently recruited him into the team. The defense is a bright star of the future.

2006, Liverpool's scouts discovered in Argentina, 17-year-old Insua, while Boca Juniors when he was only a second-tier team, but had a reputation for being seen as a great potential in Argentina one star. Liverpool then bought by the way after the first loan, in January 2007 its lease to hire, in the same year on August 1 and then complete its buyout. Liverpool had to Insua only paid a £ 115,000 transfer fee first! The exchange, in the Anfield unsuccessful Argentina 后卫帕莱塔 join Boca.
Wachlb2010-04-06 04:19:17 +0000 #3
personal feeling normal, but the 21-year-old has training value, I hope next year will live into the magician -



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