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South Korean media to comment on the 2010 东亚四强赛 Korean War

Nature's Pure Snow2010-04-06 04:11:43 +0000 #1

katie3968942562010-04-06 04:17:05 +0000 #2
current 东亚四强赛 has ended, the Chinese team with a good performance, so that all fans can see the hope of the Chinese Football , in February 14 after a 2-0 win over Hong Kong, China Team, the Chinese team beat South Korea, Japan win. Stop as race, but the Chinese team's performance at this 东亚四强赛 impressive, after the match, South Korean media have lamented that "because the Chinese team's outstanding performance, we win lose hope." Meanwhile, the East Asian Final Four to Korean media also remember a person's name: Dengzhuo Xiang, and call it "in the Korean War hero."

Korean media "Asian Financial" to "" Gong Han Jeung "is old, then humiliating defeat South Korea 0-3 Chinese Team" as the title says, "from 2010 February 10, the 'Gong Han Jeung' on become history. in the just-concluded 东亚四强赛, the Korean team's first defeat in 32 years has always been a 'Gong Han Jeung' of the Chinese team. today's game, Huh discharge a 4-4-2 lineup, will be Lee Dong-Gook and Li Genhao on the forefront in order to impact on the Chinese team goal, but did not expect, opening only 4 minutes to break the Chinese team in the sea city. losses of the Korean team fought back, after unsuccessful attempts of the long-range and so on, but was Chinese team to gain another victory 27 minutes, plus the first 15 minutes the second half of the third particle Deng Zhuoxiang goals, complete a declaration of the Korean team's humiliating defeat. "

Korean media," Yonhap News "uses the" last four in East Asia South Korea game on the Chinese team suffered a heavy blow "as the subject, expressed shock on the results of the competition," 32 years of the first loss in 28 games lost to the Chinese team ... ... Women, Men have lost the battle. "After the article evaluated The Korean team's performance game, "team competition South Korea, whether offensive or defensive very disappointing, 5-0 victory over China in the first battle in Hong Kong, South Korea failed to Jixu upward trend did not always match overwhelm the Chinese team, which will eventually 0-3 knees at the foot of the Chinese team. "talking about the Chinese team," China scored the team in the midfield for much of the oppression of South Korea, passing and speed are great increase in attacks by the strong ability to grasp the opportunity a lot. "

In addition, almost all of the mainstream Korean media have issued a press in the first time. Korean media "BBS Sports" after the game as a "South Korean football ,0-3 total defeat stigma in China Team" in the title of the Korean team's poor performance expressed great anger. "Nocut News" to "Huh to leave a stain on Korean football ... ... 0-3 total defeat on the Chinese team," issued a document entitled. "Yahoo Korea sports", Korean mainstream search engines "DUAM" and "NAVER" have the game in detail the reports.

After the match, South Korea's sports media "sportalkorea" wrote: "Records are made to be broken. South Korea's match with the Chinese team completely collapsed, China's unbeaten end of history, this is a painful day . "

" OSEN sports "in the report, wrote:" 0-3 defeat, history for the first time, Gong Han Jeung gone. South Korea's soccer history, the first face of China's defeat. Today, South Korea knees up. "

Some Japanese netizens" schadenfreude ":" Korean people always say they can beat China, how Japan is not like football. Japan is a bad play, South Korea was not much better. "H Yu 〇
084103012010-04-06 04:35:55 +0000 #3
no understand Korean?
史提芬谢拉特2010-04-06 04:41:38 +0000 #4
Hong Kong judges unfair!!
IB freeze BI2010-04-06 05:53:48 +0000 #5
Korean gang stick during the day to see that the humiliation of losing to the Chinese too busy with the South Korean Football Association's South Korean media reported the main and China almost 32 years, said Gong Han Jeung since the Chinese team won the game to overcome the sympathy of their own country team

words are all grandchildren



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